Master P Kids personal life, career, awards and Net worth

Percy Robert Miller who is an American rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, actor and also a record producer is well known by the name Master P. Before starting a career in the music, he was also a former basketball player. He got the entrepreneurship by being the founder of record label No LimitRecords.Currently, he is also the founder as well as the CEO of BetterBlack Television and P.Miller Enterprises.

Early life

Percy Robert Mueller is a resident of New Orleans And he was the oldest of all the children of his parents. The main place where they resided was Calliope projects in the new Orleans. He has four siblings of which one was the sister and three were brothers. He was very passionate about playing basketball and therefore he was also a basketball player before taking admission in the University of Houston.  As he was a basketball player, he attended the University and took admission on an athletic scholarship but he was not able to continue it for a long time and dropped out of the college after a few months.

After being dropped out of that college, he decided to take admission in MerrittCollege in Oakland, California.It was about February 15, 1990 when Master P released the first album of his own which was named as the Mind of a Psychopath. During the same here very sad incident happened in the life of Master P. His brother was killed in the New Orleans and this incident was something which motivated him so much that he decided to become an entrepreneur. The motivation was pretty much powerful and he was also very successful in his business life as well and because of this business only he saved his family.

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Children of Master P

It was about 1989 when Master P decided to marry a very popular rapper named Sonya C. There is barely any information regarding their relationship details back that time but it was successfully married for 25 years. It was 2013 when Sonya decided to give divorce to Master P and the reason is still not known about that. It was very clear that the couple was very lovely and had a very great married life. They both had seven children together and their names were Percy, Vercy, Hercy, Mercy and there were three daughters named Tytana,Intyand Itali.

It is said thatMaster P has two other children. In the 1990, his own brother was killed whose name was Kevin Miller and he had one kid who was a boy. Master P raised that boy as his own son and his name was Veno Miller.There is also one other children of Master P and her name is Cymphonique Miller. She is also very successful and is a singer and actress nowadays. She was born in 1996 but Miller never decided to reveal the identity of her mother in the press or any other public shows and therefore, it is still unknown who is the mother of this daughter of Master P.

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