Laura Deibel personal life, career, awards and Net worth

Laura Deibel is the ex-wife of Timothy Alan Dick Who is a very popular American comedian and actor. He got fame and popularity after giving his voice to the popular American movie toy story to the character Buzz Lightyear. Laura was born in United States of America on 12 November 1956.

Personal life

Laura is currently 64 years of age and she got fame and popularity after marrying Timothy. Prior to her marriage with this popular actor, she was not known. As she got married, she also got some money and she became CEO of the well-known company in the America.It was during the college life of Laura and Tim when they both fell in love with each other.They were studying in the Western Michigan University and they completed their studies from that place only. Also, team was not a humble person from the very first day but he also dealt in cocaine distribution.Because of this illegal act, he was also arrested and was sentenced to jail from 1978 to 1981.

When team was released from the jail in 1981, Laura was patiently waiting for him and they both got married in April 1984.After five years of successful and happy married life, they both had a baby girl in December 1989. The name of their daughter is Katherine Allen and she has a very strong bond with both her parents. Even after both the parents separated and divorced each other, Katherine has a very strong bond with both of them and visit both of them more often. Laura and Tim are not able to provide a lot of attention and dedication to the relationship which became the main reason for the divorce. Tim, being a celebrity he was busy with his work and performances and Laura was a housewife had to manage everything other than work. They both divorced each other on March 1, 2003 and Tim has the custody of their daughter.

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Professional life of Laura started after she got married with the time and became the CEO of the company named Tim Allen Signature Tools. The main purpose of setting up this company was to help the children and raising funds for them so that they can study and go to school. Tim was a very good person and therefore he settled up this company and made Laura the CEO. The company used to manufacture date today household tools like hammer, drills and many other like this.

Net worth

Before marrying Tim, Laura was not so popular and was just normal girl. She was a household girl and used to do day to day task of the house only but after she married team, her life changed completely. She is the CEO of a well-known company which produces household tools. The estimated net worth of Laura is US$1.5 million. A larger portion of her net worth is occupied from the divorce settlement with Tim who is the ex-husband of Laura.

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