Janed Kerr

Janed Kerr

Versatile business wordsmith navigating the intricacies of commerce and entrepreneurship. With a keen eye for market trends and a passion for storytelling, I craft compelling narratives that decode complex business strategies. Join me on a journey where words drive innovation, unravel challenges, and inspire the next wave of corporate success.

Skill Progression in Martial Arts

When you join a martial arts training program, you aim to become proficient. However, it isn’t easy to progress through the levels from beginner to master – it needs focus, hard work, and determination. More importantly, you must have the…

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Some people are still into traditional marketing, whereby they pay for a middle man to promote their product or service. Technological advancements, however, are shifting towards more passive income-based marketing methods. These methods take advantage of digital advertising and tracking…