Top 4 Ultimate Ideas for Your Marketing Blog

Running a marketing blog in 2022 is a tough choice. Show us at least one not-so-popular marketer that doesn’t have their own site or Linkedin today.

It feels overwhelming to come up with new ideas all the time, when those people behave like generators of them.

Here you need to hear us out: all influencers of this level have teams that create content for them. Some don’t even supervise their platforms!

When it feels frustrating, imagine how many new unique ideas can bring your blog to the world. You’re the one who controls everything, which means that you have a lot of freedom and (we hope) courage to boom in this industry!

In this article, we have 4 ultimate ideas for your marketing blog that must work.

Follow The Latest Trends 

Following trends, from celebs’ faults to the hottest TikTok news, is the best habit you can develop.

To run a blog successfully, one needs to analyze the market needs. Marketing is changing rapidly. For example, you’ll have topics to explore if you’re simply following brands or consuming their adverts. You can be the first one to write an article about the new scandals of Victoria’s Secret.

It doesn’t mean that your blog must become the intrigue and investigations burden, but knowing what’s going on online is a good idea.

Make Your Blog More Personal

People love knowing more about other people.

If your blog is not a place of the highest anonymity, consider telling your audience more about yourself. Maybe, write about how you’ve become a marketer or why you don’t believe SMM is the future.

Some influencers even tell funny stories about their families, the pros & cons of working from home, and many more! Your life may become the greatest content for your blog. 

Run a Blog Series Consistently

A blog series is the lifeline of any creative crisis. You can start your own rubric about anything you want.

Coming back to celebrities, it can be about them. Why not write what tools they use, why Kardashians are so famous on social media, or why Ed Sheeran has so many followers on Spotify?

Don’t be scared of innovations, and it’ll work! Also, we recommend you create a different category on your site for a chosen blog series. Works well for SEO.

Show Your Marketing Flaws and Don’t Be Afraid to Do So

We all make mistakes. The most successful marketers ever known could write a book about stupid strategies they run, dozens of pointless conflicts, and other hard-to-fix decisions.

And it’s totally okay. We don’t live in an era when all people must remain faultless. We start loving imperfections in each other and respect that nobody is as perfect as we imagined before.

So if your blog is spinning around your incredible results, think twice about why people start unfollowing you. After making mistakes at their own jobs, your audience may want to know that you do them as well. That you’re a human.

Marketing is an unstoppable process, as well as your blog. Just continue risking and trying, risking and trying again, and new ideas will be inevitable!

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