How to Choose the Remote Desktop Provider that is Right for You?

Choosing the right RDP provider has to be a relatively easy task given the fact that the platform has been around since the 1990s, right? Well, not so much. The protocol has evolved with the times, and different providers constantly make ways to improve the services that can be provided using the old RDP protocol well into 2022. Choosing the right RDP provider is important because it concerns both your security and the overall quality of life that you are going to experience when using RDP as a remote access protocol. But what exactly is an RDP server?

The Basics: What is a Remote Desktop Server?

A remote desktop server (RDP) is a remote access server that allows a machine (computer) to connect to another machine through a graphical user interface (GUI) and remotely control the target computer through the Microsoft-developed remote access protocol of RDP, which stands for remote desktop protocol. Remote desktop servers have many uses, from single-user RDP cases that use them to access a better or just geographically distanced PC to major remote desktop servers that include many different users and usually are used by companies. Microsoft provides Remote Desktop clients for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Apple iOS, Google Android, and HTML5-capable browsers.

Lock and Load: How to Ensure Security with a Remote Desktop Server Provider?

The first thing that you absolutely need to verify is the quality and reliability of the provider you are going to hire for your remote desktop server. Look at their website for certificates and operational history and try to read reviews on how they have served others in the past. Even if the provider is completely safe internally, the better-rated and more well-known providers have better infrastructure and security. We are going to give a brief review of the three candidates that will help any user in choosing the right remote desktop provider further down the article.

After you have made sure that your RDP provider is capable of providing the base-level security as you need them to, there are, of course, security measures to be taken on your part as well. For starters, make sure you have as strong a password as possible. The next step is to secure your account with two or multi-factor authentication. Regularly update your host application to avoid security loopholes of the older versions. You can make it even more bulletproof by adding a firewall on top of your server.

Remote Desktop Features to Consider

Keeping track of everything you need to consider when choosing the right RDP VPS Hosting can be difficult. But we are going to boil the essentials down to five distinct categories to help you choose more efficiently.


As we already mentioned earlier, security is the most important aspect of an RDP connection, and this also goes the same for the provider that you are going to choose. Consider both the quality of the provider at the base level and actively try to add additional layers of protection and security to keep you safe. A compromise in your RDP connection could easily result in some of your most important personal information to fall into the wrong hands.


Moving past security, chances are you are going to be needing good audio support on your RDP connection, so take audio into account when choosing the right remote desktop provider. Depending on your audio setup and additional devices that you may be having, such as an external audio interface, you may face different outcomes when attempting to hear the audio on your RDP destination. So if you are audio-dependent, check it with the provider before you get it!

Cloud Support

Depending on how you plan to use your RDP connection, you may also want to consider if the provider has cloud support or not. Cloud support on your end means that you are not limited to one device and can connect anywhere with any device since the connection is stored in the cloud. Cloud support on the host server also means that the uptime significantly goes up. So cloud support is definitely something to be considered.

File Transfer

Perhaps one of the most important and useful features that you are going to need as part of your RDP package is going to be the ability to transfer files between your local machine and the destination host, which will be an immense time saver. This feature is also incredibly useful if you are going to run a shared RDP in the workplace with different users sharing and transferring files. Make sure your connection and provider have this feature.


Perhaps this is the second most important aspect of an RDP connection or an RDP provider. Everything else about the quality of your RDP comes down to how well connected the actual connection is. This is determined by how low the latency is. The lower, the better. A high latency (150 and above) means that you are going to see delays when performing tasks. So definitely test the latency before you commit to a certain provider.

Top 3 Remote Desktop Server Providers

1- Cloudzy

Cloudzy, formerly known as RouterHosting, is one of the most reputable names in the VPS and RDP services industry. What sets Cloudzy apart from other competitors is the fact that they excel in every aspect of RDP services. The connection is optimal with low latency. The security is world-class. Audio interfaces are supported. And you get access to cloud support as well as file transfer. Add the competitive prices on top of it all, and you have the best RDP provider out there. Cloudzy also has a ranking of the best remote desktop provider options, and their opinion is definitely qualified as a fellow member of the industry!

2- AMinserve

AMinServe has all the features that someone would want when choosing the right RDP provider. They have an uptime rate of 99.9%, which is perfect for users with a lot of RDP usage. They also offer free data migration, which is great if your business or personal data is large enough and you’re looking to change hosts. Their package also comes with unlimited traffic and admin RDP packages as well. The only category where they fall short is the number of available locations at 8, compared to Cloudzy’s 15.

3- Host-Palace

Host-Palace is not only an RDP provider; they work as an IaaS company that also provides RDP services alongside RDP and cloud hosting. As far as quality is concerned, they provide you with good coverage in security, audio support, cloud support, high-quality connection with low latency, and very competitive prices.


 How Should I be Choosing the Best Remote Desktop Provider?

Check the certificates of your candidates and pay close attention to the features that they have and support.

 Is RDP Secure?

RDP is relatively secure, but it can be even more secure by adding additional security layers such as firewalls and multi-factor authentication.

 What is the Difference Between Shared RDP and Admin RDP?

In admin RDP, all resources are dedicated to one user, and the freedom to customize is unlimited. Whereas in Shared RDP, all resources are shared, and you are limited in your choices.

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