Why was Sophie Swaney arrested? Charges & Allegations details of Instagram star explained!

Sophie Swaney, a popular Instagram influencer, was arrested in Nashville, Tennessee, in early 2021 on charges of DUI and gun possession. US-based social media influencer Sophie is known for promoting outdoor activities, weapons, and more on her Instagram account. In any case, her Instagram profile claims that she has a degree in gunsmithing, so maybe she does. It’s not uncommon to see her modelling for monster trucks or to film herself firing guns online. A member of the Swaney family, Sophie was born in Arlington, Tennessee, to parents Randall and Grace. Her dad owns and operates the Marshall Steakhouse. She moved to Lakeland, Tennessee, after finishing her education at the University of Memphis.

Why was Sophie Swaney taken into custody?

Sophie was arrested after being found guilty of Driving under the Influence (DUI), and she was also found to possess a weapon, namely a handgun. The Howard Gentry, Felony Court clerk, has recorded that she was arrested in Nashville on January 5, 2021. Swaney and her boyfriend, Austin, were in the vehicle when Austin climbed out of the passenger window and hit his head. Austin’s companion, Swaney, was there throughout the event. She was arrested on suspicion of simple assault, imprisoned on a $5,000 bail, and placed on probation. The case is scheduled for a court appearance on December 15, 2022. Her two cases, one of reckless endangerment and the other of weapon use while impaired by alcohol or drugs, will be heard in court. Scoop Nashville reports that in 2018 Swaney had a prior arrest in North Carolina related to driving under the influence and possessing a firearm and drugs.

Age and net worth of Sophie Swaney 

Sophie is now 27 years old since she was born on September 7, 1994. At this level, it is not hard to think that her fortune is more than $500,000, given that she is a well-known influencer who is well-recognized. She started posting images of her rifles and other weaponry to her various social media pages in December of 2011, and she has been doing so ever since. She’s one of the wealthiest Instagram influencers in the US since she works in fashion and partners with well-known brands. This is one of the reasons why it is said that she is likely one of the wealthiest Instagram influencers in the United States. Unfortunately, neither her earnings nor her net worth has been independently verified.

Sophie’s relationship details

Sophie’s boyfriend Austin, who was injured in the collision on Charlotte Avenue, is believed to be around the same age as she is. She posted a tale on Instagram pleading for prayers for her partner as he received treatment at the hospital’s emergency department. It is unclear, however, whether the couple remains together. The most recent activity on her social media sites has not disclosed anything about her romantic connections. Some reports have revealed that the Instagram celebrity is now single due to this development. The pair may have decided to split after the tragic event.

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