Why No Touch Order Processing is a Key Automation Technology

When customers make orders in your company, how many hands do the products pass through before they reached the owner?

Many organizations try to have a few hands as possible to touch the order. This is because the more hands or human intervention, the more errors are likely to be introduced, thereby delaying the process.

A self-ordering kiosk is able to calculate the total amount of orders completed without any human intervention – be it during scheduling, order entry, invoicing, or shipping. Although it may not be a key performance indicator, a no touch order process is an important measure that gives you an idea of the general performance of various KPIs.

Touchless order processing is becoming popular of the many benefits that come with it. One of the best ways to retain customers and attract others is to offer seamless order delivery services. The more your customers are satisfied, the more sales you will make.

Here are some of the reasons why a no touch order process is a key automation technology:

  1. It helps to create more selling time

A manual ordering process wastes a lot of time. This is because of the numerous activities involved. Employees spend most of their time keying and rekeying purchase orders before dispatching. It is estimated that an average CSR spends up to 30 on every order.

But with a no touch order processing system in place, employees are relieved from most of the manual tasks, allowing them to focus their attention elsewhere. A no touch order system takes less than two minutes to process one order.

  • It minimizes human error

Humans can do a great job but the probability of making mistakes during order processing is also high. A single-digit entered incorrectly can result in grave consequences on the order of a customer. This can lead to customer complaints and lawsuits, in extreme cases.

No touch order processing eliminates the need for human intervention throughout the process, thus reducing errors. Besides, an automation sales orders system is able to identify and decipher order information and very its accuracy.

  • No touch order processing improves customer experience

There’s no doubt that humans can do a great job when it comes to processing orders. But the truth is those customer complaints are always rampant when manual order processing is used compared to an automated system.

A touchless order process greatly improves customer experience. This is because it significantly reduces the time of processing orders. Most customers don’t have the luxury of time and any delays will cause them to move elsewhere.

  • Improves customer relations

When customers are satisfied, their relationship with the company is bolstered. They will always find a reason to order more from you as well as refer their family and friends.

Bottom line

Companies that have embraced no touch order processing enjoy a lot of benefits compared to those relying on manual order processing. They have improved customer service experience, reduced errors in order processing, faster delivery of orders among other benefits.

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