Why Do We Love Huggie? Pros And Cons Of Huggie Earrings

If you’re an earring fanatic who loves to collect different types of earrings, you must know what huggie earrings are. But if you don’t know, let us tell you about these earrings.

Huggie earrings or simply huggies are the small hoop-shaped earrings that are so small in size that they practically hug the earlobes. So, unlike the bigger hoops, the huggies have a snug fit on your earlobes. While these earrings are popularly known for their snug fit, you can buy huggies that sit a little further to your earlobes like 1mm or 2mm more than your actual measurement.

However, it is advised that you buy huggie earrings in the same size as your measurement. It is because the snug fit of these earrings is everything that makes them unique.

If you’re planning to buy huggie hoop earrings, let us tell you that they are the perfect choice for those who love to experiment with new designs now and then. But these earrings might have their disadvantages too. Let us look at their pros and cons:

Pros of Huggie Earrings

  1. Availability of Many Options

The best thing about huggies is that they are available in countless options. You can buy just the plain and chunky gold huggie earringsor get some with some intricate details like diamond huggie earrings.

These earrings are also available in other materials like silver that can be a much affordable option for those who are not planning to splurge.

  • No More Hassles of Earring Backing

With your regular earrings, there is always the hassle of backing them. The back stoppers of earrings usually fall off, get entangled in your hair, etc. However, all these problems can be solved with huggie earrings. With no backing or stopper requirements, these earrings still fit closer to your earlobes and give you a snug feeling. Also, the closer they come with it, secure and tight. So, there is no fear of your earrings falling off.

  • Stylish Look

Whether you go for diamond huggie earrings or gold huggie earrings,they always come in a chunky design, which is how this type of earrings is made. The snug and chunky look of these earrings is quite unique and lets you take a break from your usual earrings.

So, the huggie hoop earrings are suitable for formal occasions as well.

  • Comfortable

Without anything pointed or back stoppers, these earrings turn out to be very comfortable. So, you can wear them even while you’re sleeping, and that is the kind of comfort we seek from our earrings!

Cons of Huggie Earrings

  1. Chunky Design

Huggie earringsare chunky. So, they are not suitable for people who love delicate jewelry. If you are a lover of dainty jewelry, you will not prefer these.

  • Sit Closer to Skin

These earrings sit closer to your earlobes. So, they might not let air cross and this might be a problem. Also, too much exposure of certain metals to the skin might lead to skin allergies or other problems.

So, this was all about huggie earrings!With the pros and cons in front of you, would you try these out? Let us know!

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