Who is Steven Mark McFadden? Get to know Paula Jones’s Husband, who portrayed Steven Mark McFadden in the Impeachment

Steven Mark McFadden is Paula Jones’ husband, who played the role of Steven Mark McFadden in the American television drama, Impeachment. Steven Mark McFadden is Paula Jones’s husband, and she works for the United States government in the United States. In addition, Paula Jones is a woman who once worked for the state of Arkansas. On May 6, 1994, when she was there, she brought a claim of sexual harassment against Bill Clinton, who was then the President of the United States. On the other hand, Paula Jones and Clinton negotiated a settlement agreement on November 13, 1998, for $850,000. Although Clinton’s legal team insisted that the accusation had no basis, the former President was anxious to lay the controversy to rest so that he could concentrate on other issues.

Meet Steven Mark McFadden, Paula Jones’ Husband 

The process of Steven Mark McFadden’s impeachment was depicted in the American crime drama Impeachment. On the other hand, she has expressed her dissatisfaction with how the show has represented her in real life. In the meanwhile, a lot of people are wondering who played Steven Mark McFadden on screen. Paula Jones tied the knot with Steven Mark in 2001, the year after the end of her impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton. Paula Jones has expressed her dissatisfaction with the show’s portrayal of her character, who is portrayed by Annaleigh Ashford, calling it inaccurate and ridiculous. On the other hand, Annaleigh has said that she is able to empathise with Paula’s circumstances and experiences.

Personal details of Steven Mark McFadden 

At this very moment, Steven Mark McFadden has reached the age of sixty years old. On the other hand, his real birth date has not yet been posted anywhere on the internet. He was 39 at the time of his wedding to Paula Jone in 2001. His Wikipedia article is now getting a lot of attention on the internet these days. In 1999, Paula Jones got a divorce from her first husband, Stephen Jones, and the following year, Paula was married to Steven Mark McFadden. Stephen Jones was Paula’s first spouse. Mark McFadden rose to prominence as a public figure when his wife got involved in the controversy over whether or not to prosecute Bill Clinton.

The Net Worth of Steven Mark McFadden 

Steven Mark McFadden was thrown into the public eye many times as a result of his wife’s involvement in various high-profile scandals. There are a great number of people who are interested in learning how Steven was able to amass the riches that he now has. He worked there for a long time as an employee of a company that produced tools for the building industry. As we continue, it seems that his current net worth is around one hundred thousand dollars. However, as of right now, there are no sufficiently reliable sources available to validate the estimated figure.

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