Who Is Mount Sinai’s Alan Li? Miami Trafficking Doctor

Li was fired from his job at Mount Sinai and arrested on May 12. He was later charged with trying to sell sex services to a child under the age of 14 and trying to force or entice a minor.

Who is Alan Li, MD, and why is he working for Mount Sinai?

Alan Li, a doctor-in-training in Miami Beach, is thought to have bought a 12-year-old girl from a human trafficker so that he could keep her locked up in his house, have sexual relations with her, and control her. Li is accused of paying the trafficker for the child. Mount Sinai Medical Center’s website said Li was a resident or a doctor-in-training, according to NBC4 Ohio.

He was talking to an FBI agent at the time. Alan Li is being charged with trying to force a child younger than 14 to do something sexual and with sex trafficking. Also, the 26-year-old person was arrested Thursday evening and is being held at the Federal Detention Center in Miami.

Alan Li, a doctor in Miami, has been accused of moving small amounts of drugs

On March 12, federal authorities started looking into the 26-year-old man after an escort Li met on a dating site told them he was looking for underage women in Miami. The dating site is where the escort met Li.

Li messaged the woman on Snapchat and told her he was trying to help a friend named Michael Chen. Li had heard from someone else that the woman had been a victim of human trafficking herself. When asked about the age range of the women he was looking for, the affidavit says that Li said, “Ideally, 8 to 15.”

The woman told the agents that Li and Chen were the same people. The agents checked this out and found it to be true. A private investigator posed as the woman and took over her Snapchat account so he could talk to the man.

An undercover agent pretending to be a trafficker was given Li’s phone number. He is said to have talked to a 13-year-old girl about a “long-term arrangement” similar to a “live-in scenario” he said he had in the past. Instead of using CashApp, Li asked if the $500 payment for having sex with a child could be made with either Bitcoin or cash. The representative said I have a 9, 12, and 15, depending on what kind of service you want. He also mentioned a one-time payment of $20,000 to buy a girl who would be 12 years old at the time of the deal.

Alan Li was put in jail

Yes, a person who used to live at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach was arrested after being accused of trying to sell a child for sexual purposes. Alan Li, who is 26 years old, is accused of trying to force or entice a child to have sex and of trying to sell sex to a child under the age of 14. This is according to an arrest document. Li just turned 26 this year. Also, according to documents filed with the court, Alan Li was arrested in Miami more than a month ago.

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