What is Camping and What Benefits Are There?

Camping is one of the most relaxing recreational activities you can ever partake in, and if you’ve never tried it out, this might be a good time. Think about all the fun moments with family and friends, not leaving out the time you can have for yourself or with mother nature. If you’re not one of the millions already enjoying camping, or you require a little bit more convincing, don’t worry. Below, you’d be discovering what camping is and what benefits you might get from it.

What is Camping?

Camping is an outdoor activity where people stay one or more nights away from their homes in natural and remote environments of towns and cities. This activity has been around for a long time, but its recognition as a recreational activity was in the 19th century. Since then, the number of people who enjoy camping every year has increased, and an industry has been built around it to make it easy for adults and children. But first, some fun camping facts.

Camping Fun Facts

Did you know that 14% of Americans go camping every year? Yes, that translates to over 42 million people packing and traveling somewhere remote to meet mother nature. Here is a quick roundup of other camping fun facts.

  • Millennials are the age groups that enjoy camping most. Some of the reasons they’ve cited include sharing on social media, music, and nature.
  • Tents are the most common shelter for camping, and flashlights are the most common items. You can check out everything you need on campingmind.com.
  • Around 42% of US campers prefer state parks as their camping ground.
  • You could spend an average of $128 on your first camp.
  • Be careful with campfires as they tend to go out of hand and cause a disaster.

Benefits of Camping


Mother nature has its way of helping up get back on track, and camping is a beautiful way to get yourself out there to nature. Camping has also been reported to be helpful for stress relief and in treating anxiety and depression. It is an excellent opportunity to exercise and get more vitamin D.

Family Time

There is hardly a better way of bonding with your family than a good old camping exercise. Make sure every family participates in the planning, and that might help in getting everyone on board. The time you spend together on activities could help the family get closer. You might as well check out this article from camperguide.com on what to bring when going camping, Below, you’d be discovering what camping is and what benefits you might get from it.


Camping is a unique way of educating the kids and yourself. You can come across a wide range of plants, wildlife, and beautiful items. You can also learn new skills, such as fishing, cooking, climbing, or building a campfire. Don’t forget to check out the best budget climbing shoes.


Despite the many advantages embedded in camping, it is inexpensive and convenient to get numerous benefits that you usually spend enormous amounts for. To help you get started, check out parkedinparadise.com you’d be glad you took the trip.


Camping gives people a way out of their usually busy urban lifestyles and connects them back to nature. This can open you up to a host of health, emotional, and psychological benefits that we’ve mentioned above. Why don’t you plan something today? The experience can be truly exhilarating; you’d be glad you took the trip.

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