Signs That You Are Suffering From Montezuma’s Revenge and How to Cure It

When traveling out of the country, most people will acknowledge a slight feeling that they aren’t in their proverbial home, anymore. Different cultures, languages and climates all contribute to this feeling. While such feelings might be subtle or pronounced, there’s no mistaking the feeling that takes over when Montezuma’s Revenge takes hold. 

What Is Montezuma’s Revenge?

Montezuma’s Revenge is the non-technical term for intense diarrhea that usually befalls folks who are traveling in another country, especially Mexico and Central America. It is caused by exposure to food, water and other environmental phenomena that contains intestinal bacteria, viruses and microbes.

Signs Your Body Is Struggling With MR

You’ll know when you’re in the midst of MR and the symptoms can come on acutely. People that use hangover alcohol detoxification know how they can wake up to the severe symptoms associated with drinking too much the night before. MR can affect a person similarly and just as overwhelmingly. 

Your intestinal tract will begin having trouble maintaining its integrity as stools become more watery and loose. If you experience three or more loose stools within 24 hours, you’re considered to be experiencing travelers’ diarrhea. 

Other Montezuma Revenge symptoms include bloating, nausea and vomiting and fever. As your gas may become painful and explosive, the energy that you are using to help yourself feel better will be waining. Your body will be entering a period of malaise, brought on by the evacuation of your bowels with the sudden loss of nutrients and hydration that comes with it. 

Over the Counter Solutions That Will Help

Just because MR is contracted in foreign locales doesn’t mean that the solutions aren’t the same as any old mundane, domestically-obtained stomach issue. There are several OTC solutions that can help with MR and related stomach issues.

A look at Polisorb ingredients reveals enterosorbent and silicone dioxide and the absence of gluten, egg, dairy, peanut, soy, shellfish, tree-nut, fish and wheat. Polisorb promises fast relief from stomach aches and pains, gas and related issues. It also removes irritants not sitting well in your gut, such as toxins, allergens, food-borne issues, alcohol, bacteria and viruses.

Drinking water and ingesting soups and broths can help maintain your hydration and replenish much-needed salt reserves in your body. Pepto Diarrhea coats the stomach to help you feel better as it kills the bacteria that cause diarrhea.

When you’re traveling abroad, always choose bottled water over tap water and make sure that the foods that you are eating are thoroughly cooked. You’ll still be exposed to local water, though, when you shower and perform your daily ablutions. It’s best to carry an OTC solution just in case you’re stricken.

Montezuma’s Revenge is an unpleasant side-effect of exposing yourself to the environmental phenomena of a foreign country but it’s no reason to not travel. Like any other ailment, it will pass through your body and there are ways to hasten this process and make you feel better while it’s happening. Visit an online health shop to find products to help ease symptoms associated with MR and other ailments that you might experience when traveling. 

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