Scarlett Johansson to be the Morticia Addams in the Addams family

The Addams Family is a fictitious cartoon including characters that were created by the popular American cartoonist known as, Charles Addams.

The characters of this family include,

  • Morticia, who was the matriarch of the Addams Household
  • Gomez Addams, the head and the master of the entire Addams Family
  • Uncle Fester, a close member of the Addams family
  • Grandma, mother of Gomez Addams
  • Lurch, the ghoulish servant of the Addams family
  • Thing, Gomez’s childhood friend
  • CousinItt, a cousin of Gomez
  • Pugsley, son of Morticia and Gomez
  • Wednesday, daughter of Morticia and Gomez

There were also many unconventional creatures, which were acclaimed as the pets of the Addams family.

  • Pugsley’s pet octopus, named as ‘ Aristotle’
  • The lion pet of the family, named as, ‘ KittyKat’
  • Two piranha pets of the family named as,   ‘ Isolde’ and ‘Tristan’
  • The vulture of the family named as ‘Zelda’

Basic plot

The Addamses are one of the satirical inversion of the standard aristocratic American family of the 20th century. An odd, eccentric, affluent clan who shares interests in the macabre, though not evil. They are unaware of the fact that people find them to be strange and frightening. They originally got featured as a series of independent groups of single-panel cartoons, first published in The New Yorker.

Since then, they have been adapted in other media, which includes, various television series (both animated as well as live-action series), video games, feature films, and soundtracks.

The next Morticia Addams

Featuring the vocal talents of Oscar Isaac and Charlize Theron in the voices of Gomez and Morticia Addams, respectively, in the first trailer of the popular animated film, ‘The Addams Family’, people were eager to know that who would play the next female lead in this expectation-filled show.

Recent reports claim that Scarlett Johansson to play the role of Morticia Addams in ‘The Addams Family’.

A host of one of the night live shows claimed Scarlett Johansson to be the perfect cast for Morticia Addams.

Scarlett Johansson was also seen in a gothic look, with bloodstained lips and a porcelain complexion with bewitching eyes and nightshade nails.

Life and Career

Scarlett Johansson, a popular American actress, and singer have become a household name. She is one of the leading American actresses to have a profitable career and is the highest-paid woman in the Universe since 2018. She has appeared in many films and generally commands over $15 million per movie.

She started her career initially as a child actor. She also acted in various films including,  ‘ Manny & Lo ‘,  ‘ Ghost World ‘, ‘The Horse Whisperer’, ‘Lost in Translation’, ‘ Girl with a Pearl Earring’, ‘ My Brother the Pig’ and ‘ The Man Who Wasn’t There ‘.

She has even won several accolades, like the Tony Award, MTV Movie Award, BAFTA Award, and Theatre World Award.

She even had her musical career through the tracks of “summertime”, her album known as, anywhere I Lay My Head, features many other guest artists.

Is the news true?

Many claim these reports of Scarlett Johansson to feature as next Morticia Addams to be just rumors, while many are happy with it. Now it depends upon the makers of the show, to choose the perfect cast for this satirical comedy.

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