Ready for Trivia Night: 6 Interesting Facts About Israel

What Israel lacks in size, it makes up for in scientific and technological contributions to the rest of the world. Wedged between Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, Israel is roughly the size of Massachusetts and is far more than just desert.

With desert conditions and spectacular tropical beaches in the south and snow-capped mountains in the north, Israel is a land of incredible diversity. In today’s day and age, many people have their assumptions about this nation which has, unfortunately, been tainted by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

But conflict aside, Israel is a country packed with wonder. Here are a few interesting facts about Israel worth knowing… 

Interesting Facts About Israel That Will Blow Your Mind

Most people might already know that Israel is famous for being home to the lowest point on earth and boasts the natural wonder that is the Dead Sea. But this is not the only fact worth knowing about this relatively young nation: 

1. Whether You’re Deaf or Blind, You Can Still Perform 

Talk about all-inclusive — Israel is home to the only theatre and Performing Arts Company comprised solely of deaf and blind actors. Based in the city of Jaffa, the company also offers an incredible black-out dining experience, served by blind waiters. 

Not only this, but Israel is a country packed with talent. The cult hit film, Paranormal was created by an Israeli games programmer for as little as $15,000. And the film grossed over $100 million worldwide! 

2. This Ancient Land Is Packed With Archeological Sites 

Israel, as a nation, may not be that old. In fact, it only just celebrated its 73rd birthday. But the land itself is ancient and littered with thousands, upon thousands of architectural sites and relics. 

Jerusalem alone is host to over 2,000 archeological wonders that are worth exploring. So, if you’re a history buff, this is a country packed with fascination on almost every corner. 

3. Israel Takes the Cake for the Most Orchestras 

This may sound like a rather random fact, but per capita, Israel is home to the most orchestras in any nation across the globe. There is a reason for this though.

Israeli’s believe that listening to classical music can increase your IQ, and given the fact that this nation is home to many burgeoning intellectual fields, it’s no wonder that classical music is so popular. 

On the same note, chess is also a game believed to boost a person’s intellect. In Israel’s Negev desert, the city of Beersheba is home to more chess grandmasters than any other city in the world. 

4. Israel Is the Land of Start-Ups 

This country actually holds the nickname the ”Start-Up Nation”, and for good reason. Per capita, Israel hosts the most start-up ventures than any other nation on the globe. It’s also third in the world for venture capital opportunities. 

5. You Can Thank Israel for Your Favorite Salad Garnish 

You know those bright red, round, and oh-so-sweet cherry tomatoes that are so delicious in salads? They were invented and first harvested in Israel. They were first created by two esteemed professors at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University. What would our salads be today without them? 

6. This Nation Is a Powerhouse in Water Recycling

Compared to the United States which only recycles a meager 1 percent of its wastewater, Israel is top-of-the-pops and recycles a whopping 90 percent of its wastewater each year. Talk about taking action towards reducing their carbon footprint! 

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