Porcelain Veneers Perth: What Patients Should Expect?

Have you ever witnessed an incident wherein someone you know suddenly starts sporting pearly white teeth? OR Do you wonder how people of the same old age as you have whiter teeth than you? OR Are you fascinated by the picture-perfect teeth shown in magazines?

If your answer to any of the questions asked above is ‘Yes’, then you might be pondering over the way using which teeth appear incredibly white and shiny. Well, you are not alone, as many people aspire to get beautiful teeth. They seek different solutions for improving their dental appearance.

Therefore, porcelain veneers Perth has grown in demand over the years. There are great chances that you are unaware of ‘Porcelain Veneers’ as people don’t gather knowledge about health-related treatments until they face the need for the same. But worry not, as we have mentioned necessary information about porcelain veneers in this article.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are a type of dental veneers that are made from the porcelain material. Now, before you get confused, let us tell you that dental veneers are a prosthetic device. This device is used in a cosmetic dentistry treatment procedure carried out for enhancing the dental aesthetics. Apart from porcelain, dental veneers are made from composite resin material.

Characterised by their wafer-thin size and translucent look, porcelain veneers are shells that are bonded to the front surface of either a single tooth or the multiple teeth of a patient. Veneers hide the natural size, shape, or colour of your teeth to give them a cosmetically perfect look. You cannot ignore the fact that the appearance of your teeth and gums affects the appearance of your smile.

How are Veneers Attached?

The cosmetic dentist removes a small portion of the enamel from your natural teeth. Then, they take the impression of your teeth. The dental laboratory technicians fabricate the porcelain veneers based on this impression. They custom-make the veneers to match the shade of your natural teeth.

If you want to lighten the colour of your teeth, you can receive teeth whitening treatment, before undergoing the dental veneers procedure. Till the time veneers become ready, the dentist places the temporary veneers on your teeth. Though temporary veneers don’t feel exactly like permanent veneers, you can still get an idea of how your experience will be once the permanent veneers are attached.

You have to visit the dental clinic or hospital at least twice by keeping a gap of one or two weeks between both the appointments. During the first visit, evaluation of the dental condition, diagnosis, the taking of impressions, and placement of temporary veneers are carried out. During the second visit, the removal of temporary veneers and placement of permanent porcelain veneers are carried out.

What is the Use of Veneers?

Porcelain veneers, being a cosmetic device, alter the size, shape, alignment, and colour of natural teeth. They are a suitable option for resolving various cosmetic dental issues, such as crooked teeth, chipped teeth, misshapen teeth, and discoloured teeth. In many cases, they are also ideal for filling the large gaps between the teeth.

How Long do Veneers Last?

Though porcelain veneers have the potential to last a lifetime, their average lifespan is ten years. You need to maintain your oral health by practising good oral hygiene habits, like brushing and flossing, for extending their lifespan. As porcelain is a strong and durable material, porcelain veneers do not break away or chip easily. If they become damaged or worn down, you can get them replaced by a cosmetic dentist.

Wrapping Up

The cosmetic dentistry field has provided many beneficial treatments to the world, one of which is porcelain veneer treatment. Porcelain veneers not only fit properly and resemble the natural teeth but also feel like natural teeth. So, you can perform activities, like chewing, talking, smiling, and laughing comfortably without feeling scared that people will notice your veneers.

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