Patriarchal Custody: Parenting Plans For Fathers

An aspiring father, or any aspiring parent for that matter, wished intently for a happy family life. A loving and loyal wife with children who are beaming with joy and have dreams of their own are the standard that they chase after. However, there are some cases wherein their idea of the family ends abruptly.

It is a reality for some families to face the obstacle of separation or divorce which affects all members of the family emotionally for the rest of their lives. Despite it not seeming legitimate, even fathers can be greatly affected by these events as there are loving patriarchs out there who only want the best for their children. Ultimately, their happiness relies on the happiness of their children as well.

Due to these circumstances, a father custody lawyer in Houston is an option for fathers who wish to continue giving the children the life they deserve as they are the most important people in their lives. With these attorneys, parenting plans come about, but there is much to know about this agreement between couples.

Parenting Plans

Parenting plans are written documents, stating an agreement between a couple, after a separation or divorce. This is a practical institution that couples have been practicing as these are decisions mainly for their children. For the benefit of the children, this is when parties determine how the children should be raised. Deciding if child custody should be done by one or both parents is the main problem for this practice, and to determine this, lawyers are involved to determine the solution.

Much like the universal belief when it comes to families, the most important people are always the children, and nothing but the best must be given to them.

Child Custody Hearings & Support

In the Lone Star State, child custody cases can be divided into three main sections which are Conservatorship, the rights, and duties of parents, and their possession and access. In a simpler way of looking at things, the rights and duties with possession and access are what determine the type of Conservatorship the father would find himself in, but there are specific things to remember about each of them.

Rights and duties refer to the parental role of both the man and woman to make decisions for their children. These are usually practical decisions involving their education, mental and physical health, or even their status in terms of religion. In the case of possession and access, this is the more prominent one as one may physically see this aspect in-person as this involves when and where parents can meet their children and if the children can spend an extended amount of days with each other. Depending on these two sections of child custody cases, their Conservatorships may vary.

There is the case of the Joint Managing Conservator where both fathers and mothers have joint custody of their children and are assigned to decide on specific aspects of their lives. However, there are cases wherein decision-making is left to the discretion of only one parent. The Sole Managing Conservator is when only one parent is given both full custody and the decision-making for their children. In the case of the Possessory Conservator, these are given to parents who wish to have visiting hours, and they would use these to spend time with their children.

However, some other external factors could determine the nature of the Conservatorship. For example, an abusive parent would find their spouses having full custody of their children. The same would be said of a parent with living conditions involving alcohol and or drug usage.

Much of this is stereotyped onto the patriarch of the family which can be disconcerting for loving fathers. That is why no one can stress the importance of a child custody lawyer enough as they protect the rights and desires of the father. Any factor which would positively or negatively affect claims is possible for both sides of the family.

Children should be one of the most important people in the lives of parents, and this is a fact. One thing to be said about loving fathers is that they share the same view with partners, despite differing views of others. No father should ever deny the children of their parental bond with them, and they must love them until they are to leave this world. That is why fathers must hire attorneys of child custody to continue with their parental roles.

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