Learn Easy Steps for Registration of CAMSonline MF Process

A CAM has created the online application my CAMS for investor convenience. You can use it to create a single login user ID. From now on, you are all set-up for transactions in all mutual funds.

You can register for CAMSonline using your registered email ID given for the portfolio. Therefore, using multiple email IDs is not an option for many mutual funds. Your registration has lifetime validity, either online or through an app (or both).

You can do transactions only to some mutual funds in which CAMSonline are approved. Also, make sure that all your mutual fund investments have the same email ID registered.

On the desktop, or through the mobile app, you can create your CAMSonline user ID.

CAMSonlineregistration via desktop

To register on your desktop

  • Go to the MyCAMS website.
  • Select Investor Services
  • On the right side of the page, log in with mycamS account below, select a new user,
  • On this new screen, type the registered email id, mobile phone. Then click on Submit.
  • Where the mail-id and mobile number is correct and registered, an alert will be shown on the phone.
  • You will get a confirmation mail on your email-id. It will have login credentials for this package.
  • Next, use the credentials for login on the MyCamS account screen at login.
  • It is best to change the password immediately. This is the password that will be used by CAMS to encrypt the file that will be sent to you in further contact. This will not be the password for your email address.
  • Finally, you can log in again with your registered email ID as a user ID and password as you just set-up.

CAMSonlineregistration on the mobile app:

You can download the myCAMS smartphone app from your Google Play store here. You can download and install it for free cost. The app is compatible with Android OS (version 4.4 and above) or iOS 7.

  • Click register now
  • Enter your registered email ID on the new registration screen. Then click on Submit.
  • Next, check your email. You will receive a confirmation mail. This mail will contain login credentials.
  • Use credentials to log in to your app’s login screen.
  • It is recommended that you change your password immediately afterward.
  • Finally, you can log in again with your registered email address as the user ID and password as you just set up.

CAMS online services available

You will get one statement of NAV and Dividend Rate, consolidated statement of all your holdings in one report. You can access customer service. If any, post questions or complaints. Request for services. Find the nearest CAMS office. Change the password. Check the CAMS online Terms and Conditions. Go through their data security policy etc.

Conclusion: CAMSonline is continuously looking to increase the efficiency of its infrastructure. They have also played an essential role in simplifying investment for investors and scheme providers.

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