Know What Happened To Keyona Griffin after Her Horrifying 911 Call

Keyona Griffin, who was later found to be a victim of the tragedy that occurred in the Michigan Family, called 911 to report the occurrence before she was killed. Jacqueline Baber’s 65-year-old “Jay” was the name of the lady with whom she lived in a Grand Rapids, Michigan, a house at 553 Sheldon. During the course of the month before, the family was going about their normal activities when they were involved in a tragic accident that led to a massacre. Everything that we’ve found out about it is included here.

Who Is Keyona Griffin?

Keyona Griffin called 911 to report the death of her aunt and the possible murder of her own mother. She also reported the death of her aunt. Seven minutes and 41 seconds after the completion of the conversation between Keyona and 911, three officers from the Grand Rapids Police Department arrived at the address 553 Sheldon. Once they got to Grand Rapids, the police immediately began recording with body cameras and releasing the footage online. They were unsuccessful despite many efforts to enter the house, and throughout this time, they did not make any attempts to contact anybody else.

The Grand Rapids police never attempted to contact anybody who lived in residence. They arrived, remained for three minutes and 42 seconds, and then left after staying for the same amount of time, three minutes and 42 seconds later. After two hours and eighteen minutes, the same home gave the emergency number another call. It was known that a person with the name Sanford Cummings II existed. In a room on the second floor, they discovered the corpse of his sister Keyona, who was 25 years old. One of the four bullets fired at her had struck her in the face, causing her to sustain injuries. After returning to 553 Sheldon, the police discovered a second corpse.

Information about the 911 Call Transcript and Murder 

47-year-old Cherletta Baber-lifeless Bey’s corpse was discovered on her mattress, where she had been sleeping. Even though she had headphones on and an iPad propped up on a cushion, she actively participated in the activity. She had suffered a wound to the back of her skull from a bullet. According to Target 8, Cherletta’s family saw her as a kind, dependable, and attractive girl who shied away from interacting with others in public places.

They spent a significant amount of time together in her room, and she considers “Jay” to have been the first true love of her life. The discovery of a hidden hoard of letters in Cherletta’s closet was one of the leads that led investigators to her death. She and Derrell Brown carried up a correspondence in the form of “prison letters.” In the letters that Derrell sent to Cherletta, he made it obvious that he did not believe himself to be a “Jay.” The signature was the only thing that was consistent throughout all of the letters.

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