How to make your AirBnb unique

Lowering the number of nights your Airbnb remains vacant is the single most important thing to remaining profitable when renting out an apartment. The biggest way to attract more stays is by having very positive reviews. This takes effort in regards to your customer service and communication, but there are some passive ways to make a really positive impression – decoration, amenities, and entertainment. 

Here are some ideas to make your Airbnb stand out and seduce visitors into leaving positive reviews.

Nixie tube clock 

Having a clock in your Airbnb is important, but we can go a step further than a regular traditional timepiece. A Nixie tube clock is a great example of how to bring a memorable, modern, ornament that serves a purpose. The clock doesn’t only scream high-end interior, but it comes with a multi-functional card that has a flashlight, screwdriver, bottle opener and many other tools that a visitor may need but not have.

Streaming subscriptions

If we put ourselves in the shoes of a visitor, we can hazard a good guess that they’re currently subscribed to Amazon Prime, Disney+, Netflix, or other streaming services. However, they may only have their laptops with them at best, which doesn’t make for a great viewing experience. So, by being logged in to a streaming service, the visitor will instantly feel more at home as they can resume watching their favourite shows during some downtime.

Exercise equipment

Something that we never, ever see in an Airbnb apartment is exercise equipment – but as we all know, fitness and gym-going is all the rage right now. On top of that, it’s incredibly hard to stay fit whilst travelling. Even if there is a nearby gym, there’s usually a requirement to have an hour-long induction. So, having a skipping rope, adjustable dumbbells, and possibly even a TRX cable on hand can be more than enough for visitors to prevent their fitness and gains from deteriorating.

Coffee machine

A surprising amount of Airbnb hosts will not have coffee machines fitted, partly because of cost concerns. Leaving a big bag of ground coffee for pour-overs is one option, but it means having an open back that’s being shared between visitors. Instead, the Nescafe mini machines are affordable ways to produce easy coffee, and the use of pods is even better. Simply leave two or four pods for visitors so they can have an easy morning coffee, and they have an option to buy themselves more pods in a shop for extended stays.

Board games and puzzles

A low-cost way to provide some entertainment to visitors – again, which is often overlooked by hosts – is simply having a pack of cards, a board game, and a puzzle. These three items are individually very cheap, long-lasting, and can easily provide a week’s worth of entertainment alone. Plus, it’s a good alternative if there’s an issue with the internet or TV. Buying new is unnecessary given that the games will be played by many different visitors over the years, so it’s might be worth browsing a charity store for ideas.

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