How to Design Your Own Custom Messenger Bag for Brand Promotion

If you run a business and need effective promotional items to promote your brand, you can start with a custom messenger bag for your employees and a few loyal customers who will use it around your city. This is a highly customisable bag used in a variety of ways such as for carrying files, sales products, laptops, and other general items.

A custom messenger bag with a company logo, name, slogan, and any other message will bring your brand to the attention of many people as it is being carried. Additionally, you can go big by ordering many messenger bags for your customers, who will in turn function as walking advertisements.

That said, let’s discuss the best way to design your own custom messenger bag for your business.

Considerations When Designing a Custom Messenger Bag

You can easily design your own custom messenger bag through the help of a professional promotional bag seller such as RocketBags. These companies have a detailed website with a catalogue to help you choose the features you want. Here are the considerations to make.

  • The general design of the custom messenger bag – Messenger bags are carried on the shoulder or across the chest with one strap. Although they were traditionally carried by couriers, they are now a fashion icon that comes in a variety of designs. So, consider a trendy design with a surface for printing your logo, company name, slogan, or any other message.
  • The size of the bag – Some messenger bags are large enough to accommodate files and computers, but there are also smaller bags used by people to carry phones, tablets, and car keys among other things. When designing your own custom messenger bag, ensure that the size is useful to targeted users.
  • The material – Most messenger bags are made of fabric, but trendy bags are made of both natural and synthetic leather. So, choose your preferred material well depending on the use and preference of the targeted users. Your budget may also determine the material you choose.

How to Buy and Print Custom Messenger Bags

When you are done designing a custom messenger bag to promote your brand, the next important step is to buy and print. If you want to have a hassle-free process, it is good to buy and print under one roof. After all, many reputable sellers provide both of these services.

Therefore, discuss the price per bag depending on the design, size, material, and the type of printing to be done. If you are content with the package, then you can pay for it and have the service provider process it. Usually, this takes a couple of days or weeks depending on the scope of work.


As you can see, it is easy to design your own custom messenger bag to promote your brand. Once the bags have been delivered, ensure that you distribute them to the right users to create walking advertisements. It is essential that you start with your own employees, especially if they do a lot of fieldwork, deliveries, or services out of the office. Now that you know this, it is crucial to consider this promotional product.

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