Get food on your seat in the train by ordering online

E- Catering means that the selected pre-ordered food is delivered on the seat or both of the trains. It includes

  1. The delivery of pre-ordered packaged food including the beverage
  2. The food is delivered at the station
  3. The pre-ordered food is delivered with a bill.

There are a few terms that should be known to the people before ordering the food in the train

Customer is the passengers traveling by train

Charges mean the payment made by the railway passengers in place of food delivered by E catering services.

OTP refers to the one time password that is sent to the passengers in the form of SMS or email by e catering services. The OTP has to be provided at the time of delivery of food to the caterer.

Email address or a Mobile phone number is very necessary at the time of catering

Online food orders in train could be done by the customer after booking a ticket or within two hours of the scheduled arrival of the train. The customer should provide the correct information as any incorrect information provided by the customer is not the responsibility of the catering services.

The customer should possess a railway ticket with PNR number only then he is considered as bonafide railway passenger.

The customer who prefers the food should possess a valid railway ticket at the time of ordering the food. The person who fails to provide correct information and a valid OTP at the time when he books the meal shall not be provided food.

The e catering services are not bound to deliver food to passengers if they resort to violent behavior or use abusive language with the authorized person.

 The customer should be present on the main seat number at the time of booking the food as the authorized food delivery person is not bound to deliver the food again if the person is found to be missing from his seat.

If the passenger pre boards a train and wishes to get the ordered food on that station then in no case will the food be delivered on that station as the preordered food is only delivered on the station mentioned on the online website of E catering services

Cancellation of food – two hours before the delivery of food the booked meal could be canceled.

No cancellation facility is provided to the passenger at the time of delivery of the prebooked meal.

If you want to make any change in the order then you have to cancel the previous order.

Refund- if the order is not confirmed and the money has been debited from the customer’s account the whole amount is refunded.

There is no fixed time of reaching the refunded amount to the account of the customer after the cancellation of the food order.

If the train is canceled due to an accident, floods, any agitation then the full amount is refunded when the customer cancels the order seventy-two hours of mishappening.

If the train is running late and pre-ordered food reaches after the scheduled time then the money is refunded.

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