Fact Check: Was Troy Donahue Gay? Explore His Sexuality and Gender

Troy Donahue is a famous actor who has surrounded by many rumours about his sexuality, and also, most people have confused that he may be gay or he is heterosexual. Troy did not want to start his career as an actor; he wanted to start his career as a journalist, so he joined Columbia University and journalism there. While studying at university, he started to play in stock productions, and because of that, he developed his acting skill.

In 1954, he made his debut in the television series The Secret Storm in the role of R.B. Keefer. After that, he slowly started to get a chance to act in many films and television series. Troy has acted in Parrish in the role of Parrish McLean; his performance in the film has heartthrob many people. He has gained more popularity and fans in a short time because of his acting. 

Was Troy Donahue Gay? Explore His Sexuality and Gender

Troy Donahue was born in New York City, the United States of America, on January 27, 1936, and his parents’ names are unknown. He is not gay, and his sexuality and his gender have been questioned by many people frequently. Most people say he may be gay, like actor Tab Hunter, but Troy is straight. He has been married four times, which clarifies he is not gay. He was first married on January 4, 1964, to Suzanne Pleshette, but it did not last long as they separated after eight months of marriage.

Then Troy married Valerie Allen, an actress, on October 21, 1966. But they both filed for divorce after two years of marriage on November 16, 1968. Then Troy was third married to his executive secretary Alma Sharpe on November 15, 1969. After five years of marriage, they filed for divorce and separated officially. Troy married Vicky Taylor on March 3, 1979, after three marriages failed. But this time also, his marriage life did not last long as they divorced after three years of marriage life. Troy is a father of two children: one son, Sean, and one daughter, Janine. He is also the grandfather of three children and has lived a happy life with them. There is fake news circulating that Troy is gay, there is no evidence for the fake news, but there are many pieces of evidence to prove that he is heterosexual.

Cause and Obituary of Troy Donahue’s Death

Troy Donahue died at the age of 65 years because of a heart attack. He suffered by heart attack on August 30, 2001, and then he was taken to Saint John’s Health Centre, located in Santa Monica. After arriving at the hospital, doctors did angioplasty surgery for him, but again he suffered a second heart attack the next day. Then he went to undergo a bypass operation because of a second attack, but his health did not improve. Then on September 2, he died after three days of treatment. His death new has made every one shock, and it is a great loss for the film industry, as he has acted in many famous films and television series so far in his career. 

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