Don’t play with guns! Viral PARIS HARVEY and KUARON HARVEY Death Video on Twitter

We’re here with some new details on a Twitter account that’s been getting a lot of attention from teenagers all across the Internet. There has been a viral video on the internet featuring two young girls playing with a gun. Two young ladies had the intention of gaining recognition, and it was discovered that they were playing a game of paintball while in possession of a firearm. As soon as she fired the gun, the event shifted from being humorous to a complete horror in the space of a single second.

Who is Paris Harvey?

Unfortunately, everything happened right in front of a live Instagram video, which is now an internet sensation due to its widespread circulation. The girl, around 12 years old, was playing in front of a live Instagram video at some period in time between the ages of 12 and 14, but no one was at home to see it. They had planned a range of acts in the hopes of drawing in people, but out of the blue, she took out a handgun and began toying with it. When Paris Harvey accidentally shot herself in the head and killed her cousin Kuaron Harvey. Everything happened in a split second in the live video.

A Livestream of Paris Harvey’s death was streamed on Instagram, Explained 

We wish that the investigation into the loss of the children could be wrapped up as quickly as possible for the sake of the girls’ families. One thousand people, at any one moment, we’re seeing the unfolding of the terrible event in front of their very own eyes. Since they first created their Twitter account in 2004, the number of individuals who now follow these ladies on the social networking service has increased to the point where it is nearly exactly twice as large as it was before the awful event. The fun event which was hosted soon became a tragic incident. Even more, this was witnessed live by more than thousands of people online on Instagram.

What is the cause of Paris Harvey’s death?

Young people all across the world are utilizing social networking sites in an effort to get attention as quickly as they can, and as a result, they are making some hasty choices. They aren’t even adults yet, and they’re trying to achieve renown at an age when they should be having fun and enjoying life instead of attempting to make a name for themselves in the world. In order to make our communities a better place for everyone, adults who are responsible for the care of children need to have discussions about the challenges they face and put their attention on those issues. It’s possible that at some point in the future, we may acquire more information related to this case. In the meanwhile, make sure to check back on our website for any new content that may have been added there regarding the case details.

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