COVID Binge: Best TV Shows and Movies to Watch Right Now

We are living in difficult times. Although people across are getting vaccinated, it’s hard to go back to the normal that existed prior to COVID. Since we are all pretty much stuck in our homes, it’s normal to get bored, anxious, and somewhat lonely.

In these tough times, streaming services and cable have been a lifesaver for all of us. I subscribed to Charter Spectrum cable during the first lockdown and I am loving my decision. At least we have TV shows and several movies to watch. This source of entertainment has been a sweet distraction for all of us.  

Movies and TV shows provide a window into a better time. It’s an escape and a way to confront the worst. It’s a form of entertainment that provides a sense of possibility. If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, calm down and meditate. Then, pick a movie or TV show mentioned in the list and make your stay at home more bearable:

1: In Her Own Words

If you have finished watching The Crown and you crave more royal drama, In Her Own Words is for you. It’s a documentary narrated by the Lady herself. It features interviews she gave in 1991. The recordings in this documentary were made for the book written by Andrew Morton. Diana basically narrates her life and the events surrounding her.

2: The Morning Show

The Morning Show featuring Steve Carell, Jennifer Aniston, and Reese Witherspoon is a reality show that’s very different from the normal reality shows we watch. It’s actually very meaningful. It explores gender politics and other challenges morning show hosts have to face. It gives an inside look into the lives of the people who help America wake up. The makers of the show trusted the cast to showcase their best selves.

3: The Wedding Planner

Imagine a place where Jennifer Lopez can’t find a date! Hard, right? The wedding planner starts J-Lo as Mary who is very unlucky at love. Ironically, she makes a living by planning and organizing other people’s weddings. But this time, she might be in love with one of her clients who happens to be Matthew McConaughey.

This movie is a perfect example of finding the right one at the wrong time.

4: Fleabag

You have got no reason not to watch Fleabag seasons 1 and 2 all over again especially during quarantine. This show got Phoebe Waller-Bridge a pack of well-deserved Emmys.

The show stars Waller-Bridge herself, a young woman who is trying to reconcile her worldview as well as her actions which apparently impact those around her quite too often. The show is numerous but it’s dark as well.

It stars Olivia Colman and Sian Clifford. In the second season, you will catch Andrew Scott in the role of a priest. After you’re done watching both seasons, you will wish for another one and then another one. Unfortunately, Waller says Fleabag isn’t getting any sequel.

5: Shirley

Heard of Shirley Jackson, the famous horror author? His biopic is made on her! And hats to Elisabeth Moss for giving one of the most unsettling performances of all time. The dark and folkloric vibe will keep you hooked to this movie. You might end up wondering what’s real and what’s not.

So the movie takes you to Shirley’s story, a horror story writer who finds inspiration for her upcoming book and she and her partner take in a young couple. The movie combines real events from her life!


6: Warrior

Warrior is a series set during the late 1800s in the Tong Wars era. The idea for this was originally pitched by the legendary Bruce Lee and the main character in the show pays tribute to him subtlety. The audience is definitely wondering if Ah Sahm is actually Brue Lee.

Ah Sahm, a martial arts expert immigrates to the USA from China. He ends up becoming a hatchet guy for a powerful mafia in Chinatown. This TV show is full of brutal fight scenes.

7: Luce

This is one of the most under-seen movies. Luce is a story of a model student and athlete whose adopted parents start doubting him when a teacher flags a disturbing response to one of his school essays. The parents are forced to question the image of their son! The show stars Naomi Watts, Kelvin Harrison Jr., and Octavia Spencer.

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