Can You Suddenly Develop Hay Fever As An Adult?

Summer is just around the corner in the UK, meaning misery for millions of UK residents who battle seasonal hay fever. Generally, the assumption is you have hayfever, or you don’t; so many people end up receiving nasty shocks when they experience unpleasant hay fever symptoms after years of being allergy-free. If you are wondering if you can suddenly develop hay fever as an adult, please consider the following points.

Diet Changes May Inspire Hay Fever

You can develop hay fever due to recent diet changes that alter your body’s chemistry, making you more susceptible to allergies. Diets rich in inflammatory foods like sugar, caffeine, meat, alcohol, and dairy either contain histamine or trigger histamine release in your body. Histamine’s presence in your body is responsible for all your undesirable allergy symptoms, so cutting back on these foods might be a great idea to escape hay fever. You can also buy Fexofenadine Hydrochloride tablets, a potent antihistamine medication that can block histamine production and relieve hay fever symptoms.

Pollution Exposure Can Make You Allergic

Pollen typically clings to pollution particles, and since pollutants are generally heavier than pollen, these pollen grains stick around for longer and begin to accumulate. These grains would ordinarily be blown away by fresh air without pollutants to hang on to. Therefore, if you reside in an area that is becoming increasingly dirty, chances are the pollen count in that area is also climbing higher by the minute. As such, these pollen grains may saturate the air in places like this so much that your body will eventually become vulnerable to hay fever. Pollution can even weaken your immune system and make it sensitive to lesser pollen counts over time, making you develop hay fever suddenly.

A Recent Move Can Trigger Hay Fever

As mentioned above, pollution can trigger hay fever symptoms, so many people relocating to big cities might be walking into potential hay fever traps. Therefore, you can suddenly develop hay fever for the first time as an adult if you move to a new place. Also, moving somewhere new can expose you to substances you have allergic reactions to but aren’t even aware of yet. These allergies likely went dormant in your old environment due to the absence of triggers and can be readily reactivated if you move to a new location filled with these triggers.

Hay Fever From A New Stress Source

It is no secret that stress slowly weakens your immune system, making it easier for hay fever and other conditions to thrive. Stress can even affect your digestion, hindering your absorption of great nutrients that fend off hay fever. Consequently, encountering stress from novel sources can suddenly make you susceptible to hay fever symptoms. Therefore, it is advisable to know how to juggle work, personal life, and transition to a new job. It would help if you also handled other high-pressure situations like navigating a divorce or entering into your final year in university to keep stress at bay and lower your risks of a surprise hay fever attack.

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