Rebecca taylor

Rebecca taylor

As an entertainment wordsmith, I weave narratives that transport readers into the vibrant realms of film, music, and pop culture. With a passion for storytelling, my content captivates, enlightens, and celebrates the magic of entertainment. Join me on a journey where words dance to the rhythm of creativity, sparking joy and imagination.

Allion Beth Raskin biography

Allison Beth Raskin was born June 20, 1989. She is an American comedian, writer, director, comedian and YouTuber. Prior to joining BuzzFeed Video as a writer, she left with her friend Gaby Dunn in 2015 to work on their comedy YouTube…

How to make your AirBnb unique

Lowering the number of nights your Airbnb remains vacant is the single most important thing to remaining profitable when renting out an apartment. The biggest way to attract more stays is by having very positive reviews. This takes effort in…