Answer Key for Exams at Bloxburg School

In April of 2022, version 0.10.5 was released for Bloxburg’s educational system, bringing with it many new features, one of which was a shiny new trophy. In Bloxburg, you must take an exam and achieve 100% on it to get a new trophy. Roblox Bloxburg now has a secondary school alternative where students may take tests and earn trophies. Some inquiries include “how many benches are there in Bloxburg?” “How much do bloxy meals cost?” “How many people live in Bloxburg?” well you don’t have to worry about it. He we are giving you the whole Bloxburg School Test Answers Cheat Sheet so you can master the test and take your rightful spot among the leader board. So without further ado, let’s dive in to know the answers to the following questions.

Cheat sheet for Bloxburg School Test

  • Use the formula: 5 – 8 + 4 = -1
  • Using the formula: 6 * 7 / 2 = -21
  • To what depth does the Bloxburg cave go? That’s just too deep.
  • How far does the Bloxburg road go? This is taking much too much time.
  • Does Bloxburg have a lot of park benches? Too many
  • The number of bricks making up city hall. – 3000
  • BFF, how many food products do you have in stock? – 5
  • How many hair bottles are at Stylez? – 88
  • In Bloxburg, how many mailboxes are there? – 12
  • How much of a variety of resources are accessible in the Bloxburg cavern? – 5
  • How many spaces are there in the underground car park? – 82
  • How many wooden slats does Lovely Lumber have? – 2000
  • How many different fish types can be caught by fishing? – 5
  • Ben’s ice cream has how many sprinkles on it? – 51
  • In Bloxburg, how many lights do the streets have? – 51
  • Does the map show a certain number of trees? Too many
  • Find out the current river level. Too much
  • How high is the peak of Bloxburg? Overly tall
  • What does the reverse of “Bloxburg” spell? – grubxolb
  • How big would it be if you were to measure the beach’s Ferris wheel’s diameter? – 50
  • What does the Christmas elf go by? – Elf
  • How many treadmills does the fitness center have? -12 
  • How many people call Bloxburg home right now? – 50
  • How much does a Bloxy Meal cost? – 8
  • How much does an oil change cost at Mike’s Motors? – Free
  • Currently, the Observatory telescope is focusing on which planet? – The moon
  • In what year did Bloxburg become available to the public? – 2014

Test Information and Bloxburg Test Answers

Students must be enrolled in and of school age to take the exam. Changing your age in the dresser to school age as a youngster prevents you from unlocking the test. If you pass the examination, which consists of 10 unseen questions, you will be awarded the Bloxburg School Trophy. Some of the answers and questions here may be updated in the future. If you see a question we haven’t addressed here, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to add it.

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