5 Benefits of Using Aluminized Steel

The global coated steel industry has produced an estimated 280 million tons in 2022. It is a growing market for aluminized steel, with a market value reaching a predicted $8 trillion by 2030. 

And for a good reason. Aluminized steel provides the strength of steel and the anti-corrosive properties of aluminum. It is available in different forms, making it useful for many manufacturing practices.

Want to know more about it? This article takes a deeper look at aluminized steel characteristics. It also covers its many benefits compared with untreated carbon steel.

What Is Aluminized Steel?

Steel is a popular metal in construction and manufacturing. This is because it is a strong and affordable material. But often carbon or stainless steel alone won’t do the job! 

Adding an aluminum coating to the steel provides the best of both metals. It becomes stronger, anti-corrosive, and temperature resistant. 

There are two types of aluminized steel. Type 1 has a coating that is 91% aluminum and 9% silicon. Type 2 has a coating consisting of 100% aluminum.

Type 1 works well for heat resistance. This could include grills, furnaces, mufflers, or fireplaces. Type 2 is better for industrial settings, where you need a thicker protective coating. Corrugated roofing, drying ovens, and air-conditioner condensers are some common uses. 

The Benefits of Aluminized Steel

Now we know what aluminized steel is and its characteristics. Let’s have a look at five key benefits of using this material. 

1. Corrosion Resistant

Being resistant to corrosion is an important characteristic of aluminized steel sheets. It can resist both electrochemical corrosion and also direct contact with chemicals.

The aluminum-silicon alloy used to coat the aluminized steel sheet forms a protective layer. This prevents degradation from chemicals and natural elements. 

2. Tough at Extreme Temperatures

Other metals become brittle at low temperatures and can fracture or bend. The properties of aluminum mean its form stays consistent even at low temperatures. It also withstands high temperatures of up to 900° F. 

3. Strong Against Impact

Aluminized steel sheets and coils are tough against impact. The coating allows the material to absorb strong force. It also has an elastic property which makes it ideal for dynamic or heavy loads. 

4. Good For Electric and Thermal Conductivity

Aluminized steel is also great for conducting electricity. Although it only has 61% of the conductivity of copper, it is often the preferred material. This is because it is a much cheaper and lower-density metal.

It also conducts a much higher amount of heat than brass and steel. This makes it ideal for electrical items.

5. Non-Magnetic and Non-Sparking

Another benefit is that aluminized steel is non-magnetic. This lends itself to uses in electrical components.
It also does not produce sparks. This makes it safer for use in work environments using explosives or flammable items. 

A High-Quality Material

Aluminized steel is a great high-quality material used in construction and manufacturing. Its properties make it ideal for extreme temperature environments. Also, its anti-corrosion coating makes it long-lasting and durable.

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