You Got A New Puppy? Tips to Enjoy Puppyhood With Your Pooch

There are various ways to enjoy puppyhood. You can employ a few tactics that would stimulate the senses of your puppy and give him a healthy life. Puppies should stay healthy and happy and that is why most people prefer puppy boarding school. This article focuses on the handy tips that will help you enjoy puppyhood. Please keep reading to learn more on how to keep them healthy and happy all the time. “To know how to take care of your pregnant dog, have a look at this article”

Keep chocolate and other sweet desserts away from your puppy

You should not let your pooch take many sweet things. Truly, the puppy is part of your huge family, but that does not call for treats such as chocolate and other sweet things. These sweet things can harm your puppy; thus, they should not be part of their meals.

Clip his claws and clean ears regularly

You should make sure you clip the claws of the pup. However, you may never have done it or have any knowledge of how it is done. Therefore, you must take it to the vet to have them clipped for you. Long claws make pups uncomfortable. Besides, it is harmful to some floors of your home. Thus, it is better to have them clipped to save your floor and let them stay comfortable.

Also, cleaning the ears of your puppy is something you should do regularly. Their ears are prone to attack by mites and various infections. The vets can do it for you, but it would be nice if you asked for their guidelines on how to do it at home using dog ear cleaning spray. Remember to clean the ears regularly as it is healthy.

Use the right feeding formulas

A pup should be fed to its size. Puppies have varied nutritional requirements, usually based on their intended weight as adults. You can consult with dog specialists. They will help you create customized diet formulas for your puppy. These formulas are ideal for all kinds of breeds.

Don’t overfeed your puppy

Puppies use twice the energy that a full-grown dog utilizes. However, you do not have to double the amount of food to match that of adults. There is always a measured amount of food that is nutrient-dense and can give your puppy the required calories to sustain his energy requirements. Never think that overfeeding your puppy makes him grow fast or even more energetic.

Strive to keep it fresh

It would be best if you kept clean the entire pup’s bowls. Also, dump the water in the bowl before any meal is served to the puppy. Make sure you wash the dish regularly to keep it clean. Giving your puppy enough water prevents dehydration.

Maintain their teeth health

It would be best if you made efforts to brush your teeth. There are many benefits of good dental care to all dogs. Besides, you will prevent possible illnesses such as tooth loss, gum diseases, and much more. Also, they will not experience some funny doggie breath that makes it hard for you to interact with it.

Grab a calendar for your vet guy

It is advisable to have regular checkups with the vet guy. The recommendations have it that 3 times yearly is a good start. It will be easy for the vet to track the health of your puppy. Thus, it would be best if you had a nice schedule with your vet so that the health of your pup is monitored.

Besides, if they fall sick, you should immediately take them to the veterinary officer. Never assume that they will get better without medical attention. It would be best if you made efforts to visit the vet offices immediately you find out that something is not right with your puppy.

Organize a trip

Playtime is very crucial for your puppy. They learn how to socialize when they are playing. You can decide to take the pup to the park to have fun. Also, you should organize a trip with your puppy. You can go with the puppy when visiting the nearby stores. Leave the window slightly open to allow a nice breeze to get their way. However, you should make sure you harness him well on his seat.

Hit the water

You must have realized that many dog breeds love water. There is a lot you can do to give your puppy happiness, such as paddling through lakes, playing in the baby pools, and much more. Also, remember to bathe him regularly. You can make good use of a puppy shampoo to bathe them.

Exercise with your puppy

If you have a morning exercise routine, invite your puppy. They are great workout buddies because they never complain, get tired, or even stop you from unending stories. Walk with him to the nearby shops. If you have to visit one of your neighbors, do not leave him behind. Indeed, you can always walk with him as long you are not driving. Also, if you love dancing, you can still invite your puppy. All these activities will make your puppy happy. And that is one of the aspects that will make them grow healthy and still have a strong bond with you.

Socialize with him all the time

You can join the local puppy club if there is one in your area. You can make as many friends as you can and even take pictures as you share moments. Puppies tend to grow fast, and it is good to keep the memories alive. When you are dancing, take some pictures. When you are exercising, take many pictures. And when you are doing anything with your puppy, ensure you preserve the memories.

Tag Your Puppy

You have heard stories of lost puppies. Truly, many puppies get lost every year, and you should tag yours to make sure that they do not get lost. Please make use of good tags to label them in a way that they will be returned to you in case they go astray.

Skip the scraps

You may think it is a nice idea to feed your puppy with table food. But they are not ideal because they lead to intestinal problems, choking, obesity, and even hyperactivity. It would be best if you fed your puppy a balanced diet. Buy your puppy from the best stores and ask for feeding guidelines from the experts if it is your first time to keep a puppy. You may never know how to keep your puppy, but you can always seek help whenever you get stuck.

 Bottom Line

As you can see, there is a lot that you can do to give your pup a healthy life and help them stay happy. You can go with them for your morning exercise routine and even when you are going to pick your kids from school. Besides, it would be best if you let them play and socialize. Clip the craws and clean their ears regularly. Do not feed your puppy with table food. Instead by their nice package from the best puppy food suppliers, and you will never regret your decision. There have been many reports of missing puppies. To prevent this from happening to your puppy, make sure you tag him. That way, it will be hard for him to get lost. Those who find him astray can always trace their abode and bring him back home.

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