WWE Madison Square Garden Results 03.05.22: Roman Reigns Bloodies Lesnar

There are rumblings that WWE has something significant up their sleeve for tonight’s live show that is being held at Madison Square Garden.

It has been brought to everyone’s attention that Sarah Schreiber is the event’s official host. Lighting equipment is suspended above the ring, and one cameraman is stationed at the ringside to shoot the entrances. They are selling tees with Brock Lesnar, and Steve Austin decorated with a unique New York City design.

Defeating Damian priest

Finn Balor retained his WWE United States Championship after defeating Damian Priest through disqualification. Even after his recent conversion to the dark side, the fans in his hometown gave Priest a thunderous ovation. Balor avoided The Reckoning and went up top after being struck by a sling blade. Priest evaded the Coup de Grace but knocked himself out with a low punch, leading to disqualification. After the bout, he attacked Balor with a Razor’s Edge and defeated him.

Becky Lynch successfully defended her WWE RAW Women’s Championship by pinning Rhea Ripley, defeating both Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley in the process. Rhea received a KOD from Belair, but Becky knocked her out of the ring and then took the pinfall for herself.


 Kevin Owens appeared as a special guest on The Miz’s show, MizTV, which The Miz hosted. Owens received applause, and then the two began to dispute over Logan Paul. Owens eventually discussed what had place at the WrestleMania event from the previous year with Paul. Owens provided Miz with the bombshell and departed when the latter requested a reminder.

Brock Lesnar was victorious and Austin Theory was eliminated. Theory was the opponent who had been kept a secret, and he was defeated in short order by Brock with a combination of suplexes and the F5 move. In the buildup to the match, Paul Heyman delivered a promo in which he said that Madison Square Garden is not the home that Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, or anybody else created. This led into the entrance of Theory. Theory pointed out that he was here for Brock because of what Brock had done to him in the Elimination Chamber.

Hit back with the punch

Roman Reigns came down after the bout and hit Brock with a Superman Punch, but Brock countered a second attempt at a Superman Punch by turning it into a series of suplexes. Brock ultimately won the match. The Usos came out, but they were also immediately taken down with suplexes.

Although Brock was aware that Paul Heyman was attempting to strike him with a chair, Reigns could hit him with a series of chair blows and break him open while Brock was preoccupied with Heyman’s attempt. After that, the Usos brought the steel stairs to the ring, which led to Reigns hitting Brock with a Rock Bottom on the steps while they were in the ring. After the event, Reigns and the Usos celebrated as Brock was on top of them.

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