Why you need a construction accident lawyer:

Construction sites are dangerous, with the biggest danger being working from an extreme height, which was proven by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Falls remain the leading cause of work-related deaths in construction, accounting for about one-third of the total number of fatalities in this industry (370 of the 991 construction fatalities recorded in 2016).” This is why New York’s legislature passed special laws concerning construction areas to protect the workers from suffering the many common injuries a construction accident case sees.

The many victims that are seen in a construction accident case are usually casualties of falls or getting injured by faulty machinery, since violating the laws and regulations set in place by the government is easier for contractors since it is inexpensive and less time-consuming than following these rules, if you or someone you know has been physically or mentally damaged from the violation of the construct laws, you can file a lawsuit against the corporation and get compensated for your damages.

Is workers’ compensation the only compensation on the table?

Although the benefits from the workers’ compensation claim can be an injured employee’s best bet, that’s not the only compensation you can get from filing a suit against the liable parties involved in the accident, leaving you fairly compensated so you can deal with the damages an accident has left you with. You can definitely file for a workers’ compensation claim to make up for any wages lost because of the injury or covering up the medical bills to recover your diminished quality of life.

Filing this claim is definitely what your employer would want you to do after you get into an accident in the workplace that they can be held liable for since the workers’ compensation is a basic right for every tax paying US Citizen, it won’t cost the employer much and they’ll be getting away with much more. Hiring a good Bronx construction lawyer can definitely increase your chances of getting the settlement you deserve, by filing lawsuits against those liable for the accident.

These lawsuits can get you settlements up to a million dollars, which will be well deserved so you can recover soon and hold the negligent parties responsible, which can be the company behind the construction site, the contractor, the manufacturer of faulty machinery, and etc.

How you can get help from a construction accident lawyer:

A construction accident lawyer, especially one who is experienced with cases similar to personal injury cases or accident cases can get your expenses of medical treatment reimbursed by finding the party responsible and settling with them for up to six or seven-figure sums. An injury gained from working in construction sites can be devastating, which they are often left to deal with alone. An accomplished lawyer who works with construction accident cases can help the casualty of an accident by getting compensation regarding:

  • Medical bills or bills that are associated with the rehabilitation of the individual with injuries.
  • Wages that weren’t gained since the injury caused missing out on work.
  • Emotional damage, most commonly mental stress that is being suffered by the individual injured.
  • The physical pain which has ruined the quality of life the individual had.

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