Why you must choose rounded polymer fencing overflat strand fencing

Metal fencing is what people choose commonly and it comprises of 2 inches by 2-inch hot dip galvanized wire mesh usually coated with black PVC. This type of fencing made from 16-gauge wire has a long life of almost 30 years and capable of preventing the entry of medium to large size animals. Mostly used as deer fence or dog fence, whenever we talk about garden fencing this is the most popular fencing option. Other grid sizes of the fencing like 1 inch and 1 inch or even less are also available at https://www.critterfence.com/garden-fence.

However, sturdy polymer fencing within similar features of metal fencing and comparable life span with better performance is now available that offers better value for money as it requires very low maintenance.  Depending on the specifications of the material polymer, fencing can last between 15-25 years. What are its other advantages will become clear on going through this article.

Weather resistant

The biggest positive of polymer fencing is that it withstands the weather much better than metal fencing. Not all polymer fencings are the same, and you must only choose the rounded strand type of mesh because it braves the weather effectively. If you use fencing strand that has flat thin edges, it is prone to the weather exposure especially sunlight and wind and will discolor the black glossy material and turn it matte grey as well as make it brittle that breaks away soon. The tensile strength of rounded strand polymer fencing is much more that adds to its longevity.

Higher breaking strength

Rounded strand polymer fencing material has much higher breaking strength per square foot as compared to the flat edge fencing. The polymer fencing with rounded strands will withstand external force much effectively and will not break away.

Flexible but less stretchable

The flexible nature of polymer fencing belies its strength, and rounded strand polymer fencing material stretches less than flat strand polymer fence material. The optimal stretching adds to its strength because the fencing can stand erect without support, unlike the net of a soccer goal post that is too much flexible and unable to stand upright by itself. Rounded fencing material has more structure and hence stronger than flat strand fence material. Check the strength of the polymer fencing to ensure that it can stand on its own when unrolled.

Low visibility

Polymer fencing is ideal for use as deer fence and to keep out the animals you need a fencing material that blends effectively with the landscape and surroundings by maintaining low visibility. Polymer fencing has quite low visibility as it is almost invisible beyond a distance of 15 feet, and this helps to preserve a view of the backyard while effectively keeping away deer and other animals.

Smooth edges

The edges of the polymer fencing material are smooth without any burs or cuts. The clean and finished edge forms the top line of the fence while the other edge makes up the bottom. The clean edge looks good and is easy for handling the roll.

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