Why kids don’t trust you?

The thought of you being spied may leave you with goosebumps. You will think bad and your mind will be surrounded by thoughts that you are not trustworthy. Your partner doesn’t trust you. 

This is what exactly happens when you spy your kids. They think you don’t trust them. But the days’ scenarios demands keeping a track on kids’ activities. In this article we will discuss 4 reasons to monitor the communication activities of your kids:

  • Communication is the key to solve every problem. Always take out time to spend some tie with your kids. This way they will be frank with you and will not hesitate to discuss anything with you. This will make your bonding strong with kids and you will be able to track the kid’s activities and their surroundings.
  • Next on the list is tracking the internet activity which is a must for every parent to keep kids under control. To start with start setting the screen time and make sure kids should not exceed that. This way kids will look for some better options for time pass like playing indoor games drawing etc. This will be a good mental exercise for them. The next point is keeping a track of their online activities like what they see on the internet if any inappropriate site opens, how does your kid react? This is not possible to track this live, therefore there are spy apps or parenting control apps that are your trusted partners in tracking your kids. Although the internet has a lot more for kids like they can play games, watch videos, movies, and cartoons, see informational channels, etc. But besides these all this good things, there is another side of the internet that is not known to these innocent kids. The online predators waiting for them to lure them with sweet talks and get secret or sensitive information that can lead to a mishap. The nudity content can distract your kid’s mind innovatively. So keeping a track of these using parental control apps can help you track all this.
  • You can even protect your kid from cyberbullying or sexting and explain to them how all this can spoil their reputation and affect their future
  • Always know about your kid’s friend circle. Not only online but try to keep in touch with your kids online. You can do this by joining the social media accounts your kids are using and ask his friends to add you as a friend. This way you will be able to track what your kid does on the internet and how he behaves with his friends online.

Being a parent, keeping an eye on kids’ activity is your priority. 

 Hope the above 4 Reasons to Monitor the Communication Activities of Your Kids will help you in keeping track of your kids.

Why kids don’t trust you?

As kids are a copy of their parents, they will do the same as you will. They will behave how you will. Your wrong behavior may lead them to not to trust you. Here are some ways that will tell you why your kids don’t trust you”

  • When you lie to them– when your kid sees you giving a fake excuse to someone for anything, they will also do it. This will correct the impression that you lying is not 

The things and will do the same with you.

  • Scolding them on every mistake they made– Don’t yell at them for their mistakes. Try to solve them positively that the child feels comfortable telling you. If you will not this will weaken his trust in you.
  • Never make your child feel embarrassed– Never make your child feel embarrassed in front of others. This will make kids uncomfortable to talk to you.
  • Stop making false promises– Always make a promise that you can fulfill. Else it will make kids do the same with you.

If you are also doing the above things, mind it, your kids will never trust you.

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