Why Is Education Still Important In 2022?

All people are extremely different. Not all excellent students succeed in life, not all masters of universities are really smart and get a ticket to a happy future through education. There are interesting people who simply did not have the opportunity to get a higher education, who had to work, for example. Or whose parents could not only pay for a contract at the university, but also help to live while studying. But education still plays a big role in a person’s life. Depending on what a person studies, what he is interested in, his personality is formed.

The Essence of Good Education

Why do people most often seek higher education? First, it develops a more or less versatile personality that can not only do work, but also think. Of course, higher education provides great opportunities for employment, for leadership positions. Higher education is also more prestigious and gives status in society.

The people you study with also determine a lot in life. Those who studied at the medical institute and those who graduated from trade college will have a different range of communication. Most likely, it will be different acquaintances, friends, different connections, values, ​​and preferences. Even jokes during friendly meetings are likely to be different, incomprehensible to others.

International Education Day is celebrated annually on January 24. This holiday was launched to emphasize the important role of education around the world. This year’s theme is “Changing Course, Transforming Education”, which focuses on the need to educate transformations to ensure access to education for all and to help build a sustainable future. On December 3, 2018, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution declaring January 24 the International Day of Education, making the role of education in peacekeeping and development more visible and significant.

In 2020-2021, education experienced a huge gap, the worst educational crisis in history. All activities remained undercover and were frozen by a wave of coronavirus that closed all schools and spread around the world. So it became harder to study and to maintain a student’s life. Remember, you can always find help and ask to write my lab report. As in hard times, we need help from professionals. The theme of International Education Day 2022 emphasizes the realization of the fundamental right of everyone to education. This will help build a more sustainable, inclusive, and peaceful future, and its importance must be restored for the great benefit of our generation.

The International for Education, which represents the voice of teachers around the world, together with all member organizations, call on the governments of all countries to make education a priority. Society should encourage its governments to invest in education, help students, and support self-sacrificing teachers so that students do not drop out of the education process, stay safe, and learn during this pandemic.

Digitalization of Education

This area became very relevant during the pandemic. The Ministry of Education and Science promises to provide each teacher with a laptop by the end of the year. So we all see that technology has changed the education process. The Internet has already been introduced in all schools, but it is not high-speed everywhere, so it does not “pull” distance lessons. In 2022, it is planned to connect all schools to the harmful Internet.

Globally, the Digital Transformation of Education and Science Strategy is due to be approved this year. In particular, they plan to equip schools with computer, multimedia, and STEM equipment. Also, teachers will be offered digital skills courses. In 2022, it is planned to create several important online platforms. One will contain information about all competitions from school to the national level and all the proposals for teacher training.

Your Future’s in Your Hands

We will all choose a different profile: someone will become a worker and someone a teacher and different levels: some will become doctors of science, and some will not want to study at all after school. Therefore, in the future, we will all become different personalities and find people close to us in life’s tastes. And the important role we play in who we are is determined by the education we receive.


Being an extremely pragmatic person, Charlotte Banks looks into the future with confidence. She knows that the trends set by the globalized world today will inevitably guarantee comfort for everyone tomorrow. At the same time, Charlotte always looks to continue that trend and develop it further to achieve all the goals of the modernized world even faster.

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