Why businesses need to automate social networks and how to do it

It’s no secret that in addition to personal accounts, Instagram has numerous business pages. This social platform has long ceased to be just a place of entertainment, business on Instagram today brings in billions of dollars. Every day, users buy something from Instagram business accounts. This is usually done in correspondence. According to statistics, about 400 million messages are sent via DM every day. If you receive tons of messages from buyers, read this article to find out how to automate social networks correctly and how your business may benefit from it.

Reasons to automate Instagram

According to recent Microsoft poles, more than 50% of people will purchase a product or service from another firm if the seller they originally reached has slow service. Therefore, if you are selling your products through an Instagram business page, you need to answer your customers’ questions very quickly. You must be in touch around the clock, even on holidays and weekends. I would say, especially during the holidays and weekends, because this is the best time for shopping. The best Instagram bot developed by Inflact permits automatizing many routine processes.

Until 2021, business accounts did not have Instagram-approved ways to automate messaging. There were chatbots created by third-party companies, but none of them were officially encouraged by Instagram. Therefore, if you used such services, there was always a risk that your account could have been blocked. Now everything has changed. You can officially use Instagram bot online without breaking the rules and policies of the social network.

What can be automated using a bot

A bot is a robotic online service driven by artificial intelligence. It performs the same tasks as a human, only in automatic mode. The advantage of a bot is that it does not want to sleep, never feels hungry, and does not know what burnout is. In other words, a bot is an ideal worker, ready to serve you 24/7 365 days a year.

Here are some of the features of the Inflact bot:

  • Speedy responses. The chatbot can automatically develop replies to repeatedly asked questions and hold an easy conversation with the user who desires to learn the details.
  • Keywords. The chatbot reacts to the appointed expressions or terms and sends an appropriate answer. For example, a client wants to order a book. The system reacts to the keyword and provides the offer.
  • Personal approach. The chatbot utilizes the user’s name in its message. This makes the replies look like speaking with a real person.
  • Saving essential information. The chatbot saves the customer’s e-mail or phone number automatically. Then it shares these details with the CRM system so that the administrator does not have to collect the customer database manually.
  • Extra sales. After the bot has replied to the consumer’s inquiry, discovered the user’s data, and processed the order, it can suggest another appropriate product or service.

Automation cases

One of the successful examples of automation on Instagram is Mindvalley (online platform selling masterclasses). This business page on Instagram has 1.4 million active subscribers. The company uniquely used the bot. If you want to buy a training course, you will not be asked to fill out a long and tedious form on the site. You can simply open DMs and write a keyword (e.g., “healthy eating”). And after that, the bot will select a course for you.

Then the chatbot selects the message by keyword and enlists the customer on its own. The client can request the system for essential facts regarding the course. Like a human manager, an answering machine will propose the program and introduce the teacher. After utilizing the bot, the company’s sales grew by 500%. An impressive outcome, isn’t it?

And this is just one example of successful bot automation. In fact, thousands of companies are already using the opportunities of bots with amazing results. Why not try to automate your Instagram business with bots as well?

Conclusion: Instagram automation makes contact between brand and clients convenient and human. The chatbots save time for managers, enhance audience engagement and conversion rates, and allow you to stay online 24/7. And most significantly, people can intercommunicate with businesses in the most convenient way.

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