Why Bed Bugs Treatment Brisbane is Crucial for Your Hotel?

Establishing a business in the hospitality industry is extremely painstaking as customers in this industry look for not just services but experiences. People who visit hotels, restaurants, and adventure parks expect to receive special treatment that can make their time and money count. 

Therefore, owners of such businesses need to pay attention to each and every detail. Amongst these businesses, the hotel business is the one that requires extra care, as most of the guests spend more than one day in a hotel. Hoteliers should ensure perfection in various aspects of a hotel stay, for example, safety, comfort, and privacy. 

But you cannot give the special treatment to your guests without receiving the treatment for bed bugs present in your hotel. Pest control companies that offer services for bed bugs treatment Brisbane can help you in this regard. You might be wondering “My hotel is new, and so, bed bug infestation is impossible!” or “Bed Bugs! They attack beds in houses, not hotels” or “Bed Bugs? No chance! We keep our hotel absolutely clean”. 

However, the harsh reality that all hotels, irrespective of their size, type, age, and location, are prone to the risk of bed bug infestation is not unknown. Despite being aware of this risk, owners, managers, and staff of the majority of hotels show negligence. They neither take necessary measures for prevention nor acknowledge the presence of bed bugs.  

As a result, their hotels become an easy target for bed bugs, which cause troubles to both employees and guests. Once the beds in a hotel become a shelter for bed bugs, both the experience of the customers and the reputation of the hotel could be at stake. 

What are Bed Bugs and Why are They Dangerous? 

As the name suggests, bed bugs live under the different parts of the bed. They can be found under the mattress, headboard, and other areas. Though you might find it difficult to believe, bed bugs can infest sofas, chairs, and other furniture pieces as well. 

With the size similar to an apple seed, bed bugs are insects whose bodies are flat but oval-shaped. The colour of their skin is brown or reddish-brown. They measure roughly five millimetres in size depending on their species. Approximately ninety different species of bed bugs trouble people across the world from which ‘Cimex Lectularius’ are the most common. 

Bed bugs are infamous for feeding on the blood of humans and animals. When people sleep or rest on a bed that is infested with this pest, they can become victims of bed bugs. The bites of bed bugs become itchy spots and visible marks on the body of a person.  

How Bed Bugs Can Provide Harm to Your Business? 

In the short term, people might not feel pain, discomfort, or irritation, but in the long term, people become susceptible to allergies and infections. Some people have even reported being suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and emotional distress due to the bites of bed bugs.  

Thus, you can see that the effects of bed bugs are not physical but psychological as well. People stay at hotels for spending vacations and rejuvenating themselves. During that time, if they become ill, owing to the bed bug infestation in the beds of your hotel, they won’t hesitate in pointing fingers at you.  

In such circumstances, you can lose the trust and respect of your customers. You might even lose your esteemed or long-time customers. In the present era, people share their opinions with others via their social media profiles. You cannot ignore the fact that the success of businesses like hotels and motels depend largely on the reviews posted about them on different social media platforms.  


Whether you have invested your hard-earned savings or have taken financial assistance for building your hotel, you should keep in mind that even a small mistake can cost you a lot. Bed bug infestation is also a small mistake, and so, you should get your hotel checked for the presence of bed bugs periodically.  

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