Why is Bitcoin Compared to Ham Radio?

Bitcoin is a difficult subject and often different metaphors are used for explaining it such as it is digital gold, or ecash or email. Here is a new reference to ham radio. Bitcoin is quite old, and it takes days to get bitcoin blockchain downloaded, just as it was the case in 1994 when downloading software. The modern era has introduced us to sending instant emails and making real-time payments.

While a bitcoin transfer takes 60 minutes for safe settlement and is more volatile than gold, an asset bought in millions in our traditionally economic system. Lots of computers are constantly copying from each other, making it rapidly inefficient. Additionally, there is no privacy, just like an exposed marketplace where everyone can see what is happening.

These features are anachronistic, but they add up to something new. But what is this thing?

Introducing Ham Radio

A ham radio operator is commonly known as an amateur operator of radio, for using some bands in the spectrum of radio for voice communications or using codes. This is an ancient technology invented by Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian inventor. In 1897 he became the first operator of ham radio after transmitting Morse code throughout Salisbury plain located in England.

It is odd how something as old as ham radio still exists throughout the world that has emails, Facebook, Snapchat, and iPhones. A transmission via ham radio can only cover a few kilometers. This means that anyone can listen to your conversations, privacy is seized to exist. Forget about videos, gifs, or emojis for that case.

Despite this, ham radio is very famous and many associations all over the world keep this hobby running. The American Radio relay league said that over 760,000 people are operators of ham radio in the US. Whereas there are more than a million people using this in Japan. The international union of amateur ham radio operators has a global distribution reach of 3 million licenses worldwide.

The Comparison of Ham Radio to Bitcoin

Just like ham radio, bitcoin is best suited in the hands of a hobbyist. The frenetic speculators who keep their coins in coinbase are not being talked about here. Whereas, people who can run an entire node, and operate Lighting, and store their coins securely and transacts often with stuff. However, this group of bitcoin investors is small and likely lesser than the ham radio operators whose licenses are active.

Hence, there is no wonder when some become a bitcoiner they achieve true patience and have the skill to take the right decision. It is the same thing for ham radio. It takes time and effort to set up a ham radio, scans the frequencies, and the search for the local repeater.

However, the investors of bitcoins dream of widespread bitcoins that will help in the circulation process, finally being able to nullify the fiat currency domain and ruling the world with digital currencies. But this is unlikely just like the ham radio could never become a mainstream niche. Maximum people want to use their easy to use iPhones and live simply than trying to operate a ham radio. But even though bitcoin does not go mainstream, it still has an important role to play. This can be better understood if we borrowed the explanation from ham radio operations.

If a natural disaster hits, like a flood or earthquake, none of our electronic devices will work or provide network coverage. This is the time when a ham radio running on batteries or generators will help to establish communication channels. If someone needs to help a relay of ham radio operators transmit the message to one another. The stations of amateur repeaters retransmit signals beyond the horizon. In this chain of communication somewhere help has been called for. But how do radios become reliable during disasters?

Just like bitcoin radios can build a communication system held peer-to-peer, is antifragile and operates on individual nodes. Additionally, like a bitcoin network, the ham radio has redundancy, enough to monitor other channels even though one node is not working. Hence, it can be said that bitcoin is like a go-to asset when disaster strikes us. But if this technology attracts you visit Green Profit for trading. 

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