Why Are So Many Building Applications Using Western Red Cedar?

Many different building applications use Western Red Cedar because the material has numerous beneficial properties. Here are five reasons to consider using the western red cedar in your next construction projects:

#1 Fire-resistant

Western Red Cedar is one of the most fire-resistant timbers in the marketplace. It more than meets building code minimum fire safety regulations and is suited for both outdoor and interior construction projects.

#2 Durability

Western Red Cedar is more resistant to shrinking, cupping, and warping than other timber types, and it’s known for being incredibly durably even before any protective coating is applied. The natural oils in the wood make it resistant to decay, termites, and moisture damage.

#3 Noise Insulation Properties

Western Red Cedar is a great material for interior use as it absorbs sounds, making rooms more private. It can be added on top of existing walls to add extra soundproofing to spaces. For residential building projects, the wood can be good for blocking outside traffic noise. For commercial projects, the wood is great for use in auditoriums and music rooms.

#4 Environmental Sustainability

Since the Western Red Cedar is a natural building material, it’s already much more environmentally friendly than synthetic materials. It’s biodegradable and when it’s been grown in a managed forest it extracts greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. Since Western Red Cedar trees are not a rare species, farming them is sustainable. All in all, when it comes to different types of timber, the material is a great choice for the ecoconscious.

#5 Aesthetic Appeal

Western Red Cedar has beautiful natural hues that are an interior designer’s or architect’s dream. It can make landscaped gardens and building interiors look very aesthetically appealing. In gardens, it can be used for the construction of sheds, fences, nest boxes, benches, decking, and much more. As it requires minimal upkeep it is a favorite among lazy homeowners who don’t want to have to oil their decks every other week.

So, we’ve talked about some of the benefits of Western Red Cedar for building applications, but what about the drawbacks? Well, one of the main disadvantages of the timber type is its cost. It can be significantly more expensive than other types of real and synthetic wood. Another drawback of the material is that over time it loses its eye-pleasing natural colors. Of course, this is not an issue if a colored coating is going to be applied to the wood.

If you can afford it, Western Red Cedar is a great material to use for a range of building projects. Common applications include cladding, furniture construction, and decking. Its also often used to line wardrobes due to its insect repellent properties.

When it comes to Western Red Cedar decking boards, the cost per linear foot ranges from around $5 to $10. However, timber prices can vary significantly between different locations, so for accurate costs, you need to obtain quotes from local suppliers in your area. Alternatively, you can check out some online Western Red Cedar suppliers that ship nationwide or even globally.

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