Who is Tyrus Aka George Murdoch? Meet the Westler family, Details explored!

Tyrus is an American professional wrestler and television news anchor. As a cable news anchor, he regularly appeared on Fox News and its sister station, Fox Nation. National Wrestling Alliance is the organisation under which George is now obligated to work as a wrestler (NWA). When he wasn’t wrestling for Impact Wrestling as Tyrus, he was known as Brodus Clay in WWE.

Who is Tyrus Aka George Murdoch? 

Tyrus was born on February 21, 1973, in Boston, Massachusetts. George Murdoch is his legal name, which was chosen for him by his parents. He was born in 1949, making him a Pisces. He is multiracial, thanks to his black father and white mother. According to George, his parents were in their early 20s when he was born. The sportsman said in 2018 that his violent father had punched him in the eye. Both he and his brother were barred from entering their mother’s home when she returned to live with her parents because their father was black. Foster parents reared George and his sibling for a long time. For a while, he was “occupied” with lightening his complexion so he could go home to his family. In the end, he and his brother returned to live with their mother, but he had already left home by the time he was 15 years old. Murdoch has chosen to keep his parents’ identities secret for the time being.

Who is Ingrid Rinck?

Tyrus has tied the knot with his long-time lover Ingrid Rinck. Though Ingrid and Tyrus appear happily married, they haven’t divulged their wedding date. Ingrid is an expert trainer and has founded five successful enterprises. Once upon a time, she was the proprietor of a fitness center. She has been a fitness instructor for over 25 years and holds over 40 different credentials in the field. Before meeting Tyrus, she was worried and depressed and struggled with her weight. At age 40, however, she decided to give up alcohol on her own, and the subsequent weight loss of 140 pounds was a welcome side effect. Ingrid was motivated to design The Rinck Routine because dancing and fitness were beneficial to mental and physical health.

How many kids Tyrus has?

Tyrus is a father of five. The couple had a kid together; they named her Georgie Jane Rinck. The date of Georgie’s birth was May 7, 2014, making her current age eight. Ingrid has two boys and a girl as children. Previously, Rinck had been in a partnership that resulted in two boys. Her eldest child, Rhett, will be a 2021 Mandeville High School grad. She has another kid named Rock. In 2014, he received a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. Tyrus is rumoured to be the father of two more kids with his ex-girlfriend, a son, and a daughter. On the other side, they frequently observe the wrestler participating in social activities like golfing and hanging out. Also, he has said that he doesn’t always get to spend time with his other two kids but keeps in touch with them through FaceTime. Also, his son is nine.

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