Who is Ricky Naputi? What happened to the world’s fattest man? Cause of death and personal details explored!

Ricky Naputi’s ex-wife, Cheryl, did not attend his burial after divorcing him. Her current whereabouts are a mystery. Ricky Naputi, who reached a peak of over 900 pounds, struggled with food addiction for quite some time. He had been unable to walk without assistance for over seven years before his death. Cheryl, Ricky’s primary caretaker, had said that she knew what she was getting into when they married and that she may outlive him if he didn’t get his health under control. Every doctor had informed him that he would die unless he lost weight.

What Happened to Ricky Naputi’s Wife?

Since Ricky Naputi’s death, his wife Cheryl has been mysteriously absent. Despite great concern for her safety, she has disappeared from the news. Their wedding date isn’t set, but his wife says they’ve had problems since their wedding. While she was thrilled by Ricky’s proposal, she said she was aware of the potential difficulties ahead. She felt reassured, though, that she had a chance of influencing Ricky’s weight loss. Cheryl’s lifelong ambition was to become a mother, but she could not do so because of Ricky’s weight. They both wanted a child, but Ricky’s eating habits kept him from being a healthy weight.

After a while, Ricky realized how important it was to drag himself out of bed. She said she made sure Ricky was okay. When he needed to use the restroom, she usually escorted him there. To him, Ricky was now the equivalent of a small child, and he was responsible for his upkeep. However, a rift eventually developed between the two. This ultimately led to Cheryl and Ricky’s separation. Cheryl decided not to pay her respects in person at Ricky’s funeral. Cheryl said she had finally made peace with her past. She was fascinated with Ricky but didn’t feel the same way about him.

The Fattest Man in the World, Ricky Naputi, Committed Suicide

Before his death in November 2012, Ricky Naputi, who weighed about 900 pounds, let cameras from the reality TV network TLC inside his home. The tale was shown on the television show 900 Pound Man: Race against Time. Guam resident Naputi was bedridden and unable to walk or wash. He had to use an oxygen concentrator constantly.

Angie Flores, a Texan from Houston who lost 80 pounds through gastric surgery and is now an advocate for others in his position, was the person he turned to when he realized he needed help. Ricky needed surgery to reduce his stomach by 80%, but he couldn’t have it until he lost 40 kg. His death certificate listed morbid obesity as the primary cause of death because he compared his relationship with food to that of an alcoholic or drug addict. The possibility exists that Ricky intentionally overdosed on medication. 

The Naputi-Ricky Family

Although Ricky Naputi has never spoken about his parents publicly, his sister Tammy has, and she just interviewed with TLC. Tammy claims that he was not born overweight but has acquired a lot of weight over the years because his mother has shown her devotion to them by feeding them. Since his wife and sister were there during the interview, it’s uncertain who else is in his family.

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