Who is Richwcampbell? Is he dating Mia Malkova? Net Worth and relationship details explored!

Twitch fans were interested in 30-year-old Richwcampbell when they learned that he was dating Russian model Mia Malkova. In 2015, Richwcampbell began working as a videographer, which marked the beginning of his career in professional gaming. After working there for a year, he became friendly with the producers and was asked to step in for Chris Bucket for his upcoming wedding. The test run went so well that he was accepted to the Hearthstone competition. As a result of his dedication and success as a professional esports player, he has risen to the position of MLG’s top executive.

Is Mia Malkova and Richwcampbell Dating?

When Richwcampbell’s rumoured girlfriend Mia Malkova arrived in the room while he was broadcasting on Twitch, he seemed confused. The designer, along with his two pals, Saintone and Zack Asmongold, were deep in discussion of an adult nature about the renowned South Korean game Lost Ark. After the arrival of his alleged paramour, he immediately stopped talking and welcomed her. After she had departed, he re-joined the conversation without missing a beat, leaving those who disagreed with him with their mouths agape. They couldn’t believe that their favourite gamer had gotten involved with such a beautiful woman who lived near enough for them to see her.

Personal details of Richwcampbell

He was born on September 7, 1991, making Richwcampbell, or Richard W. Campbell, 30 years old. He hasn’t spoken up about his background yet, but he loves his Australian Shepherd, Otto. His interest in video games was encouraged by his mother, who fulfilled all gaming-related requests. Thanks to his parent’s support and the availability of resources, he was able to develop a deep appreciation for the activity. A while later, he attempted to attend New York University to study game design but dropped out due to financial difficulties. He needed to earn money, so he started applying for jobs and eventually worked as an MLG videographer.

Net Worth details of Richwcampbell

The exact amount of Richwcampbell’s fortune in 2022 is unknown, but preliminary calculations indicate that it will be in the millions. The majority of his income comes from the 541,000 members he has on Twitch. In order to be ready for the upload, he spent at least six hours playing video games each and every day. He also has a strong head on his shoulders, which is shown by the fact that he has drawn the maximum possible audience to his YouTube channel by publishing summaries of his vast videos. This demonstrates that he has a solid brain on his shoulders.

Get to meet Richwcampbell on Instagram

There are 46,200 users on Instagram that go by the name rich Campbell, and Richwcampbell is one of their followers. Suppose you examine his profile in comparison to that of other streamers. In that case, you will see that he uploads stuff unusually personal for the streaming community, such as updates on his relationships and friendships.

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