Who is Miss Rada? Get to meet Michael Blackson’s fiancée, Ethnicity and personal details explored!

During his appearance on The Breakfast Club, Michael Blackson proposed to his girlfriend, Miss Rada. Find out the star of Couples Retreat’s ethnicity and more about their family history. Michael Blackson, an actor and comedian, is engaged to be married to Miss Rada. They had been together and apart in the past, and their ups and downs were chronicled in the first season of the reality show Couples Retreat. The pair and other celebrity couples will return in season two. Some further information about the stars is provided below.

Ethnicity details of Miss Rada?

Cambodian pop star Miss Rada is engaged to American comedian Michael Blackson. Khmers make up around 90% of the population of Cambodia. Therefore it’s a good bet that the Couples Retreat star is also of Khmer descent. Michael, on the other hand, was born in both Ghana and Liberia. His father is from Ghana, while his mother is from Liberia. On November 24, 2021, he was granted US citizenship again, making him a proud African-American. The duo was previously seen in the pilot episode of the VH1 reality program, and they are back for the current season. The relationship between the two was tense and strained at times. Everything unclear or misunderstood between them seems to be clear today. Michael proposed to Rada on July 22, 2021, when he was a guest on The Breakfast Club radio show, and the two have been together since then.

Personal details of Miss Rada

14th of June is the date of Miss Rada’s birth. The year of her death, however, is presently uncertain. Photos of her make it seem that she is in her late 20s or early 30s at the time of the shooting. On the other hand, Michael now has a ticking biological clock of 49 years. His birthday is November 28th, 1972, and he was born in Monrovia, Liberia. His Liberian mother comes from a Ghanaian father. He was born and raised in Liberia and Monrovia before coming to the United States in the mid-1980s. When he was 13, the comedian called New Jersey home; at 15, he relocated to Philadelphia. After beginning his professional life in 1989, he first appeared on screen in Snaps.

Get to know more about Miss Rada

Unfortunately, Miss Rada has no Wikipedia page dedicated to her life and accomplishments. Nevertheless, the following is some information that is currently known about the star of Couples Retreat. Miss Rada works as a realtor in the United States at the moment. She has a huge Instagram following and is also a major influencer, although it is not her main occupation. The constant stream of festivities has provided her with the time of her life. Rada and Michael, a charming couple, have an exciting, celebratory existence. They are quite content with one another and enjoy the time of their life together. Rada Darling may be found on Instagram under the handle mzradadarling, but Michael Blackman’s Instagram account, titled michaelblackson, has amassed a massive following of 5.5 million users.

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