Who is Felicity Marmaduke, and what happened To Her Newborn Child? Details explained!

Morgue worker Felicity Marmaduke became pregnant in 2010 after having sex with a corpse. However, in the ensuing decade, interested spectators have shown an interest in knowing more about her and her kid. The strange incidents that took place in 2010 left each and every city inhabitant in astonishment and with a heavy heart. There is evidence that a female mortician by the name of Felicity Marmaduke engaged in sexual activity with a dead person in a manner that was inappropriate.

The expectant lady and the deceased guy were sexual partners at some point. Even though it has been over a decade since the incident, the general public still can’t get over the horrific act that a female mortuary worker did. She was sentenced to prison time because of the disrespectful way in which she handled the body of a deceased man. Since it is now common knowledge that Felicity became pregnant while sleeping with the deceased man, everyone is curious about the child’s background.

Who Is Felicity Marmaduke?

Felicity Marmaduke, a funeral director, made headlines when it was discovered she was carrying the baby of one of her clients. DNA testing ultimately established who the father of the newborn baby was, which led to the woman’s incarceration as a result. After learning that she was pregnant when she was imprisoned, Felicity is now being kept at a facility with a bail set at $250,000. The murder occurred at Mourning Glory Mortuary, located a few ways outside Lexington, Missouri.

Felicity Marmaduke Carried a Child Who Was Already Dead

DNA analysis revealed that the newborn baby that Felicity Marmaduke had given birth to was, in fact, the biological child of the man who had previously passed away. There was apprehension that this may be an act of necromancy. In contrast, the baby has a low-key existence and has been shielded from the public eye ever since they were born. Although the mortician’s employee became pregnant in 2010, it is possible that by 2022, her kid will already be well into his teenage years. She may utilize the infant in a child support case against the man’s estate.

Unusual tales about Felicity Marmaduke

Felicity was 38 years old when she was taken into custody; she may be already in her 50s today. The mortuary was Marmaduke’s place of employment in the past. On the day of the incident, she provided care for the deceased guy who had been found in Lexington, Missouri, just as she had done on previous days. After making inappropriate contact with the dead body, Felicity ultimately tested positive for the substance. It has been reported that she divulged the details of the incident to the physician before she was apprehended. Currently, she is being held in a facility with a monetary value of $250,000.00. She is also accused of disrespecting the dead and engaging in necrophilia. After posting her videos online, she was arrested.

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