Who is Edward Shay? What we know about the insanely rich father of anna shay on bling empire Details Explained

Edward Shay is famous for founding pacific Engineers and Architects, a United States-based government and defence service contractor. Edward started his company in 1995, and his head office is in Arlington, Virginia. Then from 2016 to 2018, platinum equity owned the company, which debuted on Nasdaq. Then in February, the company was merged with Amentum Government service holding company LLC. The company’s shares were delisted from Nasdaq, and as of 2016, the company’s net worth is $ 2.1 billion. Anna’s father, Edward Shay, specialised in manufacturing military weapons and other technologies. After the death of Edward, all his net worth and company shares are transferred to Anna and her brother. They both have the shares and proceeds from the sale. 

Edward Shay Businesses

Edward started his business in 1995 and got a contract for the United States Government defence contract. Then he worked as an engineer in Japan and started his first commercial outlets in Japan. Edward Shay was married to a Russian Japanese woman named Ai Izumi. They both together have two children, and their names are Anna and Allen. There is no information about his personal life and his wife’s details. His wife passed away in 2015. After the death of Edward’s son, Allen took over all the businesses and companies. He was appointed as the chairman and CEO of the company. 

Edward’s Daughter Anna’s net worth

Anna Shay is one of the Bling Empire, and she is the wealthiest cat member. She has millions of net worth after her father died in PAE. She also stated that she had no idea what to do with the money she earned from the Bling Empire Anna did not have cash for the cheques she received, which landed in hot water. Anna has become a celebrity because of her father and has also started appearing in some shows. She is getting a USD 1,623 for every post on her Instagram account in collaboration with brands. Anna is estimated to have a net worth of $ 600 million as of 2022, and her actual net worth is unknown because she did not disclose anything about that to the media.

Anna has also said that she never had to work because of her father’s wealth and income, sufficient for her to live a lavish lifestyle with his family. She was a member of the Bling Empire, imagined herself in front of the media and cameras, and described herself as a shy person. Anna also said she would receive a payment from Bling Empire production when she goes as a cast member during the shoots. Apart from Bling Empire, Anna is best known for his philanthropic work, and she previously worked for the George Lopez Foundation on board. The foundation’s main aim is to promote kidney disease and organ awareness. Anna Shay is also working for the Shay foundation, which her father started, and its main aim concerns education, music, performing arts, and arts.     

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