Who is Brenda McCutcheon’s husband, Dr Frank McCutcheon, shot and killed by his wife Details Discussed

Brenda McCutcheon was taken into custody, and also, she was charged with a murder case for murdering her husband, Frank Buddy McCutcheon. Then the police filed a case and were sentenced to trial in the courtroom, and she was punished with a life sentence in jail. The police officer alleged that Brenda was responsible for the death of her husband Buddy, and also, she killed him by a gunshot in his head at their house located on Tree Top Drive in Arden. As per the court report, the reason for the murder is that he was in a relationship with one of the workers for more than four years and ended up killing a person.

In February 2020, Brenda was found guilty, and she was 69 years old; then, she reached the jury verdict of guilty and was sentenced to prison for a lifetime for her murder. As per the court documents obtained by ABC 15 News, she has maintained her innocence even after being found guilty; now, she is appealing a decision and claiming a court trial by accepting the testimony of his husband’s brother’s statement that she has affected by his death. She is appealing the decision, but her appeal was rejected in December 2021 by the judge.       

What happened to Frank Buddy McCutcheon

Brenda was charged with first-degree murder for killing Dr. frank in November 2018, and he is an Ashville-based cosmetic surgeon, and they both got married 32 years back. They both lived happily, and there is no information about the children, and it is unknown whether they had a child. Brenda left her nurse job to support Frank’s career as a plastic surgeon. On July 16, 2016, in the night after 3.30 a.m. Buddy was found dead with a bullet wound in his head at his residence on Tree Top Drive, and he was 64 years at the time of the death. After the incident, the police officer investigated Brenda, and she said she had slept on the couch in the first-floor room because she used to watch films overnight, and his husband didn’t like it.

Then at 3.30 a.m., she called 911 after she heard the thunder sound and smelt gunpowder, so she came downstairs to see what happened. She hid the weapons from the police; the officer found that Brenda was connected to Buddy’s murder after the investigation. Then shortly after Frank died, Brenda started to destroy all the business documents, sold the house and went o Tennessee. After her husband died, she was changed a lot, and she was taken into custody and filed as first-degree murder in the same week.

 After the investigation, she appeared in court; she was 69 years old at the time of appeal and was sentenced to prison. Then she appealed, but the judge refused her request more than three times in December 2021. Then the appeal judge specifics the murder and many events which led to the death and revisited it. The court derailed Buddy’s brother’s testimony after the verdict.

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