Who Is Augusta Man Tripp Morris? What happened to him, and why is he in prison? Personal and family details explored!

Venus Morris went viral after relaying her story to People of New York. The photo blog, situated in New York and founded by Brandon Stanton, has 11.7 million followers on Instagram. Venus, a resident of Augusta, Georgia, is the most recent lady featured on the website after revealing the surprising truth about her marriage to ex-husband Tripp, who turned out to be quite different from who she had always imagined him to be.

Who is Tripp Morris?

Award-winning Georgia real estate agent Venus Morris recently divorced Tripp Morris. His hometown is Augusta, Georgia, although he has no celebrity status. Tripp is just an average guy who used to work for his parents and has no internet presence. The couple spent their entire 20-year marriage in Augusta, where they had first met while attending USC. We don’t have any pictures of him, but Venus describes him as the most attractive guy she’s ever seen.

He has blue eyes, a lovely dimple, and is in excellent physical condition. The two met at a golf event in Hilton Head and went on to enjoy what seemed to be the ideal relationship. They raised a brood of six under his watchful eye, and he was the kind of doting father who led Bible studies, supervised after-school football practises, and presided over charity events. But he wasn’t who everyone took him to be.

Reasons why Tripp Is In Prison

Venus claims that Tripp is serving a jail term of forty-five years in Georgia. The Sun reports that he is now doing time at Baldwin State Prison in Milledgeville, Georgia, after being convicted on two charges of aggravated child molestation. Venus wrote on Humans of New York about how her spouse had short tempers and mood swings, but she never found the cause. After years of being duped by her husband, she finally discovered the truth when a prostitute called her to tell her. One of their girls came to her and said that her father had also mistreated her after Tripp acknowledged this and entered a recovery clinic.

Get to know about Venus Morris Griffin’s work

The mother became an accomplished Augusta realtor after earning her licence that year. According to her official website, she has topped the yearly sales charts for the previous four years. She’s completed over $1,500 deals and generated over $400,000,000 in revenue. In 2021, Augusta Magazine named her the city’s best real estate agent. After reaching the pinnacle of her profession, Venus Morris Griffin set out on a world tour to speak about the challenges she had overcome. To succeed despite difficulties, she encourages other women. According to the information provided on her website, she is driven by a desire to see women succeed in adversity. She gives rising high school students whose parents are both in prison a scholarship equal to a portion of the money she earns from giving lectures.

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