Who is Aleta Diane Ray? Why Did Vernon Jensen’s Wife Vicki Jensen Do It? Details explained

Vernon Jensen’s ex-wife Aleta Diane Ray was killed by his current girlfriend, Vicki Jensen, due to her possessiveness. Vernon finally became sick of Vicki’s violent outbursts and resolved to divorce and leave her. However, her jealousy of Vernon’s ex-wife Aleta led to her death. Aleta, a native of Twin Falls County, was discovered dead in her own house in September of 1999. After identifying insulin and methamphetamine in her system, investigators changed their minds about the cause of death is natural. Vernon has stated that his ex-wife did not take any drugs and that her death was a murder.

Case Update: The Murder of Aleta Diane Ray, 2022

Diane Ray, a local Twin Falls, Idaho, athlete, was found dead in her house after an overdose of insulin and methamphetamine. At the time the police arrived at Aleta’s house, she was lying on the floor, unconscious. Ray’s youngest daughter stated that there had been some individuals at their house earlier, despite the peaceful atmosphere and the lack of signs of violence, and so at first, they felt the death was peaceful.

At first glance, it looked like Ray had committed suicide. Aleta’s overdose of methamphetamine and insulin, delivered by syringe, was the cause of her death, according to the results of an autopsy performed by the hospital’s medical personnel. Her boyfriend’s insistence that she was not interested in drugs prompted police to open a murder inquiry.

What prompted Vicki Jensen, Vernon’s wife, to kill Aleta Diane Ray?

Vicki Jensen, Vernon’s wife, was so obsessive and jealous that she drove her to kill Vernon’s first wife, Aleta. Because of her possessiveness and violent outbursts, Vernon and Vicki’s marriage was deteriorating, and he decided to end it. This stoked the fires of conflict even higher, and she or he ultimately killed his ex. Vicki was the major suspect in this case because of her unusual and aggressive behaviour.

However, her cousin Autumn Pals was not even suspected of involvement until she informed a schoolmate that they could take care of people without being caught, giving the police an indefinite break. Through the investigation, Autumn had disclosed everything she knew about the murder of Aleta, clearing Vicki, herself, and her boyfriend Matthew W. Pearson of any participation.

The police say the suspects went to Aleta’s residence in disguise and asked to use the phone before being permitted. As soon as they entered, they threatened Aleta with a revolver and held her at gunpoint before giving her an overdose of methamphetamine and insulin by injection. Aleta could not yell for help, so they waited for the poison to take effect before running away.

Vicki Jensen: Where Is She Now?

In February 2000, Vicki Jensen was taken into custody for her role in the murder. After her guilty plea for first-degree murder, she was given a life sentence in prison without the possibility of release. Autumn and Matthew were given life sentences in prison after pleading guilty to first-degree murder.

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