Which Refrigerator to Choose Single Door or Double Door

Are you looking to bring home the best-quality fridge in India, but confused between the single door and double door? 

If yes, then you are not the only one who faces such a dilemma. A single door refrigerator is considered best for a couple or a small family without investing much. 

On the other hand, a double door refrigerator in India suffices the needs of a family with 3-5 members. Let’s know the benefits of choosing a single door and a double door fridge so that you can buy one without worries! Read on!

Why go for a single door refrigerator 

  • It is affordable

If you are looking to buy a refrigerator then a single door fridge is an affordable option, and you don’t need to invest a big amount. If you have around Rs.10,000-12,000, then you can easily get a fridge with 190+ litres. 

  • It fits in your space 

You don’t need to allocate a space to install your single door refrigerator in your home or kitchen. It won’t take much space and even getting inside your home/room won’t be an issue to bother about. 

  • Best for couples and small family 

If you are a couple who have moved to a new city and living alone or with another 1-2 members, then nothing will fit your needs and budget like a single door refrigerator. 

  • Comes with in-built stabilizer 

You don’t need to invest in an extra stabilizer to ensure that your single door refrigerator remains safe from high or low voltage fluctuation issues. It is because it comes pre-loaded with an in-build stabilizer so that it continues regulating the temperature on its own.  

  • Energy-efficient

A single door fridge, these days, comes with 4-5 BEE Star Ratings so that you are able to save up to 55% on your power bills. Hence, if you buy a fridge with more Stars, then you will find it easier to save as your fridge is a device that you will keep on 24/7. Also, buying a smart digital compressor-based single door fridge may help you save even more on power bills. 

Why choose a double door refrigerator 

  • Best for families with more family members 

A double door refrigerator is the best thing to bring home if you have around 3-5 members in your family. 

  • Comes with bigger shelves 

A double door fridge comes with bigger shelves so that you are able to keep large beverages bottles and bigger vessels. Overall, you can fit so many things without bothering about space if you buy the best double door refrigerator in India. 

  • Dedicated doors for freezer and more 

In a double door fridge, there are two doors. One is the main door just like a single door one, but the key aspect here is the second door – the freezer. This way, you don’t need to open the main door if you want to use the freezer and vice-versa. It can also help you avoid escaping the coolness quotient of the fridge. 

  • Frost free operation 

All double door fridges are frost free, and it means that you need to worry about the frost that keeps accumulating in a single door refrigerator. Thus, you have to press the ‘Defrost’ button if you want to clear your fridge off all frost in a single door. Defrosting fridges can be a mess as the water gets out and may soil your carpets and tiles of the room. There is no such issue in a double door fridge. 

You are now aware of the major benefits of going for a single door fridge as well as the best double door refrigerator in India. If you are looking to buy a double door refrigerator in India then you can go through these 5 double door refrigerator in India based on your preferences such as the number of members in your family to budget and more, you can go for one across leading brands.   

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