Which Businesses Have Been Profiting From The Enforced Lockdowns?

Business during the past year has been a difficult period for many due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 which has forced many governments to take action and put their respective countries into lockdown. Due to this, majority of businesses had had to close to combat the spread of the virus, but some businesses have actually prospered during this period and below we look into which businesses profited the most during this period.

The first company that springs to mind when it comes to profiting during the pandemic has been Amazon who have become that big that their owner Jeff Bezos has become the richest man in the world. Many consumers were worried to leave their house to do their everyday shopping due to the virus, so many have been using the e-commerce marketplace giants to do their everyday shopping and get it delivered directly to their house. Amazon have handled the pandemic impressively and we predict their reign at the top to continue.

Another online shopping service that has benefitted due to the pandemic has been ASOS who have come out and said that their profits have quadrupled due to their cost-cutting action and customers returning fewer items during the pandemic. ASOS noticed a trend on their site of seeing many buyers purchasing loungewear compared to the usual “going out” clothes as majority of hospitality have been shut to combat the spread of the virus. ASOS has always been a big player in the online retail world but have further stamped their authority on the market during the pandemic.

Furthermore, the trend of online services that are benefitting continues here as these online casinos have also reported a rise in players joining their gambling markets during the pandemic and have therefore profited. These non gamstop casinos are offering some of the highest quality casino games online, alongside a wide variety of bonuses for you to choose from when you sign up and there’s no wonder, they are receiving stuff good plaudits during this period.

And finally, online streaming services like Netflix have been the final business that have been profiting from the enforced lockdown. This is due to many looking for forms of entertainment whilst locked indoors, and Netflix has been the most accessible for them and also the most entertaining. Netflix has reported that during the height of the pandemic, they received over 16 million new sign ups to their service and we don’t expect this number to come down even with the end of the pandemic in sight due to the vaccine.

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