Where to get good dog supplies

Dog supplies are not only about the beauty and joy of the owner, but also about safety. Gear for dogs should be comfortable, light and functional, while nothing prevents it from being beautiful. Decorative collars have long been the main (and, perhaps, the only) apparel of dogs – in Antiquity, in the Middle Ages, or in the Renaissance. Dog clothes like those worn by humans were first captured at the beginning of the last century – that is, around the same time as black and white photographs appeared. At the moment, dog accessories have become a functional item that many breeds cannot do without.

Although it will take several weeks before you can walk your puppy outdoors on a leash (before vaccination, you should keep your pet in an environment that eliminates the risk of infection), you can start collar training a few days after moving to a new house.

The first collar for your puppy should be with a buckle and in no case should it be a chain or a noose. The collar should be fastened so that you can slip two fingers between it and your puppy’s neck.

Pick a moment when something enjoyable awaits your puppy, such as feeding, playing, or walking. You should be prepared for him to first try to remove the collar. Ignore it, and when he stops, praise him. After a while, distract his attention and remove the collar, and then put it back on later. It only takes a few days to train your puppy to use the collar. When he stops paying attention to him, you can leave him alone. In addition, by law, all dogs must have an address tag on the collar if they are in a public place. You can buy dog collars online in the Waudog online store. It is a large company that has been supplying quality products for animal lovers for many years:

  • personalized collars;
  • customized leashes;
  • harnesses with pets names;
  • smart ID tags;
  • best jackets and more.

Try not to pay attention to the fact that the dog will turn around at the beginning and not take gear. She will soon calm down and then you can praise her. This way, your puppy will get used to the fact that he cannot go where he wants to when he is wearing a collar.

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Once your puppy gets used to the collar restricting his freedom, you can attach leashes. You can pick up the leash from time to time, but then keep it tight. This will help your pet learn to understand that when he is on a leash, he cannot go where he wants to, because he is connected to you. As soon as the puppy accepts this restriction, praise him and let him go.

The best way to customize the leather collar is on the Waudog website. There the user can enter the dog’s name, contact details of the owners and the current address of residence. This will help with difficult movements during night walks. Now it’s not a problem to buy accessories for dogs online, as on the websites you can choose the best option for your pet, choose a unique color and save a lot.

In the end, we would like to add that each puppy needs to be introduced to the collar, and then it is already decided – you will use a leash. This will make it easier to train your dog to move next to you and to control the position of his body while practicing commands.

All dog supplies must be selected strictly according to the size of the dog, otherwise the pet will be uncomfortable and will begin to avoid walking. You can buy dog ​​harness  online and other accessories on the Waudog. There are frequent sales to keep your pet in style!

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